40 weeks pregnant! Well actually to be exact, 40 weeks plus 4 days overdue!!!!! Not that I’m counting or anything! Much!

The week started off a bit eventful with a visit to the hospital on Sunday night to check baby all ok. I suddenly realised that baby boy had been a quiet and not moving/kicking as much as normal. He is normally a very active baby especially in the afternoon/evening time. So I did all the usual things that midwives suggest to get baby moving; resting lying on my left side, drinking a cold glass of water, eating something sweet. After doing these things, baby had moved a bit but I just didn’t feel right as it wasn’t as much as normal. Anyway, the long and short of it is I went to the delivery suite and got checked out, had monitor on baby. Typically once I got there baby boy started moving a lot more, but staff were great and reassured me that I had done the right thing by coming in to check. They offered me a stretch and sweep before I went home as I was basically at my due date. Although not the nicest of procedures to endure (you may have read my previous description of this in Hayden’s birth story post), I decided to go ahead as keen for baby to arrive. When they examined me, they said baby was nicely engaged in my pelvis and I was 2cm dilated, and suspected it wouldn’t be long until labour! That’s great I thought, so off I went home excited at the prospect of meeting new baby very soon.

Me with baby monitor on at hospital

Well they were WRONG. Just WRONG! 6 days later I’m still waiting!!! And not so patiently now!

Mike has been off on annual leave this past week, which has been a bit of a god send with helping with Hayden, household chores and basically doing most things for me including tying my shoe laces!! Although frustrating that baby not here yet, it has been nice to have some time just the three of us. We have enjoyed some family walks, trips to the park and soft play. Hayden has definitely loved having his daddy to play with all the time, and they’ve had a Hayden and daddy trip to the zoo too!

I saw the midwife yesterday (Friday) and she again examined me and performed a further stretch and sweep. She again commented that head is nicely engaged, cervix dilated to 2-3cm and she could touch his head (bit weird to think of someone touching his head before I’ve met him!) and that she didn’t think the wait would be much longer. Well I’ve heard that before and I’m not getting my hopes up again, baby is obviously just way too comfortable in there! The plan is now to wait and see, further midwife appointment on Wednesday if still no baby when they would do further sweep and book induction in.

I am trying my best to make the most of the ‘extra’ time and enjoy it but it’s so difficult, I’m so uncomfortable and fed up now. Not to mention that logistically it’s difficult with Mikes work, and might get to a point where he’s back at work by the time baby actually arrives. Not ideal. ?

Needless to say I have been trying all the natural induction methods, spicy food, walking and resting, pineapple. I’m so bloody sick of pineapple, and have a sore tongue from eating so much of it! I’ve even resorted to having sex! (Midwife suggested) I know I know I said I wouldn’t but let’s face it I’m getting desperate now. Desperate to get this baby out!!! I’m sure Mike won’t mind me saying as he feels the same, least romantic and possibly most awkward sexy time ever! On the plus side it was quite comical and after being together 14 odd years luckily we are comfortable with each other to laugh ? and see the comical side. Anyway none of these things have been successful! Obviously


Pineapple and chilli flakes

I did get weirdly excited last night when I started getting crampy period like pains at about midnight. I lie in bed thinking “yes yes this is it it’s starting!” But even though this carried on intermittently for several hours, it never progressed and eventually I fell asleep, to wake up and find that yes I was still pregnant and pains had stopped!

Not much to say really, no plans for the upcoming week just keeping fingers crossed that labour starts soon. If only for poor Mikes sake as I’m becoming more and more of a live in bitch and general moaner with each passing day! Really hoping next blog post will be introducing our new addition!

COME ON BABY!!! We all want to meet you! ?


  1. Kerry norris April 3, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Urgh the dreaded stretch and sweep. Such a glamorous life being pregnant isn’t it. Hope you weren’t waiting too much longer after this post x

  2. Anonymous August 20, 2018 at 2:26 pm



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