35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant

Oh my gosh this week has really flown by, feels like I was only just writing the 34 week update. Most of the week has gone by in a bit of a blur due to sleep deprivation to be honest. 

I am currently sat in a coffee shop and Hayden is finally asleep in his pram, after being up most of the night so I’m taking this opportunity to try and write the pregnancy update. Sleep is definitely my biggest problem at the moment, between Hayden not really sleeping very well, and pregnancy insomnia I am hanging! 

Hayden has never really been a great sleeper to be honest, but I was hoping he would have improved more by now. As a little baby he was a good baby in the sense of quite easy going and didn’t cry incessantly but he has always woken frequently throughout the night. Up until about a month ago, he would frequently end up in our bed too, which was ok before I was heavily pregnant but he is such a fidget and it had to stop because he would just kick me in the tummy all night! So I suppose in some sense he has improved because he does stay in his cot, in his room all night, just often I end up spending quite a lot of the night sat in the chair next to him! 

The last week, his sleeping has definitely been worse and I think it’s probably because he is teething (his top4 teeth are just making an appearance, very slowly!). Either that or it’s because he can sense the impending doom of another baby and competition for my attention!! 

Unfortunately when he is asleep, the insomnia then seems to kick in and I find myself lying in bed willing myself to just go to sleep whilst I have the chance, getting more and more fraustrated that it’s not happening. I just keep thinking about all the things I still need to try and do before the baby comes and how quickly time is moving! I suffered with insomnia in the third trimester when I was pregnant with Hayden too, I was surprised as it wasn’t a symptom of pregnancy that I had known about and I find it so difficult as my non pregnant self has no problem getting to sleep, I’m normally out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow, much to Mikes annoyance! 

My other major issue this week is pelvic pain still, the pregnancy pillow is great when I get to use it but the pain is more of an issue during the day particularly the afternoon after I’ve been moving around a lot and sitting on the floor playing with Hayden, I feel like an old woman! I know I probably just need to take small rests more frequently but I just forget that I can’t physically do as much at the moment, and again it’s fraustrating that my body can’t do as much as I want it too! 

On a more positive note some friends of mine treated me to a pregnancy massage/spa day gift voucher for Clifton Lido for my birthday, so I have got that day of relaxation to look forward too booked in for Monday and I can’t wait, very excited, so a huge thank you to them. This will hopefully help with the pelvic pain too, at least for a short period. 

Also coming up this weekend is my Nephew Oscars first birthday and party to celebrate, can’t believe he’s turning one already! It’s so lovely to see both the boys together, hopefully they will be the best of friends as they grow older, although at the minute Hayden is a bit too boisterous at times for Oscars liking! 

I will catch up with you all next week, and hopefully by then I may have actually gotten round to packing my hospital bag! 


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  1. Caroline
    February 7, 2017 / 11:05 pm

    All very busy for you. You can pack the hospital bag on Thursday as part of the sorting baby stuff out x x soon be meeting baby number 2 x x x

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