34 weeks pregnant! 

34 weeks pregnant! 

A couple of days delayed this week on the pregnancy update, but 34 weeks this week. Those of you following me on Facebook and instagram will know that last week was pretty rough going with Hayden being unwell most of the week and several trips to children’s A&E, just seemed to have one viral thing after another, poor thing. To make matters worse Mike and I also took it in turns to be unwell, making for one very miserable week. Thankfully now we are all feeling much better!! ?

Had a midwife appointment on Monday, it’s very strange really as with my first pregnancy I felt like I saw the midwife all the time whereas this time with a second pregnancy I hardly see them, seems like you’ve done it all before and they mostly just leave you to get on with it! Everything seems ok with baby boy, he is measuring a good size, heart beat was strong and is head down. Blood pressure was ok which was surprising as Hayden spent most of the appointment moaning and chucking toys out the pram (literally!). 

My dream genii pregnancy pillow arrived too, which was good as hips have really been an issue. Verdict so far is that it is very comfortable and definitely helps with the pain, on the downside once I’m in position with it I can’t really move, which is not a problem when resting but I’m quite a fidget when I sleep and get all tangled up in the night trying to roll over on my other side. 

Due to aforementioned week of illness, I am yet to get any further with sorting out the baby clothes and currently they remain in semi-organised piles all over my bedroom, so must get on with that during this next week, as starting to feel like time is running out. I know I still have 6 weeks (and potentially 8 weeks if overdue) but just have a funny feeling that he is going to make an appearance before my due date. This is not really based on anything scientific though just a feeling, so I could be completely wrong! 

In other news I officially finished work today after my study day so now I’m on maternity leave! Yay! Relieved to have finished,  but feel guilty that I had my last 2 shifts off sick due to catching Hayden’s vomiting bug, shame to end that way not that there was anything I could have done about it. 

It’s my 31st birthday on Friday so looking forward to getting my hair done (first time in over a year!) and a date night with the hubby. ?


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