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11 Midi dresses for this Spring!

Zebra Print dress from F&F Tesco £25 This dress has been in Tesco for a little while now, and I have been eying it up with envy. Like most women by now I own quite a few leopard print clothes but no zebra print so I felt it was justified. Comfortable dress, great for dressing up or down and could be worn most of the…

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9 of the Best Straw Bags this summer

  When I was younger and pre-children I used to have lots of bags, in all shapes and sizes. But then babies come along and inevitably stop having your own bag at all, gone are the lovely fashionable bags relegated to the back of the cupboard gathering dust. Instead, you just make do with shoving your purse and keys in a random pocket of the…

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Autumn fashion wish list 2017

Now that I am no longer pregnant for what seems like years and thinking about stopping breastfeeding soon, I am really looking forward to wearing normal clothes again! By that I mean not maternity or nursing clothes. And it couldn’t come at a better time of year for me, I know most people long for the summer time but personally my favourite seasons are Autumn…

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