Slimming world week 8- How have the past 2 weeks gone?

Slimming world week 8- How have the past 2 weeks gone?

How did the past 2 weeks go?

So I didn’t get round to doing my slimming world update last week as weekend was busy busy with a wedding, shopping and seeing friends. Those of you that saw my instastory last Friday may have seen I lost 1/2 lb last week.

This week I really hadn’t given much thought to slimming world or the weigh in as the weekend was busy with lots of fun things and then during the week it’s been manic with trying to get our house on the market!

Also I did try a new Iceland slimming world meal of sweet potato curry and it was very yummy. I don’t normally go in for vegetarian food when there is a meat option available, but it was really good. Will definitely be having again and if I get a chance try and make it myself.

The weigh in…

I was surprised and pleased to find I had lost 1lb this week! Yay! Quite surprised as when I actually thought back to what I’d eaten this last week it wasn’t on plan at all. Lots of wine, prosecco and delicious food at the wedding we attended, lunch out on Saturday and Sunday and chocolate! Perhaps the stress and manic cleaning of the house helped to counterbalance this!

My plan for this week..

Again we have a few things planned with friends this weekend so I’m going to let myself have a relatively relaxed weekend and not worry about too much about sticking to plan, but obviously not go overboard.

But try and be really good Monday- Friday!

I think probably I need to start writing down what I’m actually having and keeping a food diary, because there are always lots of things I forget about. This way I think I can see how naughty Ive been on weekend and it will spur me on during the week to be good.

Only 1 week to go now until we go on holiday and I have to brave wearing my swimsuit in public!! Eek!!

As ever wish we me luck!


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