Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle review- Splashing in not so muddy puddles!

We were also kindly send another toy from Bladez Toyz, a Peppa Pig muddy puddle. Not a real muddy puddle of course, this is an inflatable puddle, that you fill with water.


peppa pig muddy puddle


To set up this toy you simply need to inflate, fill with some water and then starting jumping! It was a little fiddly filling it up with water,  I would recommend using a funnel. But not a big problem at all.  


Now this was primarily sent for Austin to play with and test out whilst Hayden had his remote controlled Thomas. However, Hayden recently become very keen on Peppa Pig also and struggled to understand that the muddy puddle was primarily for Austin!


Don’t get me wrong Austin has had plenty of chance to play with the Peppa Pig muddy puddle too and has really enjoyed it. He happily spent time either on his tummy or sat up looking at the floating figures in the puddle and trying to catch them.


This is a really good tummy time toy for babies and also acts as a sensory toy.


Hayden loves nothing more than splashing about in muddy puddles in his wellies when we are out and about, Thanks mostly to Peppa pig. So it’s great to have a mess free and completely dry indoor version too! I wasn’t sure Hayden would be that interested in it as it’s clearly not a muddy puddle same as outside, but I was wrong. He loves splashing about it in and pointing to the Peppa and George, and the floating flowers and frogs. Even more so when there’s someone else splashing with him!



It was much more robust than I expected, I was worried it would leak and had visions of water going all over the living room but it hasn’t leaked at all. Which when you consider that Hayden been splashing in this puddle with his welly boots on is pretty good going. Not to mention withstanding both Hayden and his Grandad  been splashing in the puddle together.



At this very expensive time of year, it’s also a pretty reasonable price at £12.99.


Similar to the Thomas toy, its easy to deflate and put away when not in use, but to be honest it doesn’t take up much room so we have kept ours out most of the time, ready for any impromptu splashing action!


Overall this toy was a hit with both of the boys! I was pretty impressed too. Because of this, I am planning on getting another one as a Christmas present for my nephew Oscar who is also a Peppa Pig fan. If you are also interested in the Peppa pig muddy puddle you can find it on the link below;


What Peppa Pig toys would you recommend?


Review of Peppa Pig muddy puddle thats no mess and for indoors!

We were kindly sent the Peppa Pig muddy puddle toy for the purposes of this review, but as always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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