When I breastfed Hayden I didn’t express much using a breast pump or much at all really. I was quite lucky because whenever I wasn’t around or needed a break, Hayden was happy to take the odd bottle of formula.

Austin however is a very different child. He has taken bottles of formula but always very reluctantly. I knew before Austin was born that I had a wedding to attend when Austin would be 10 weeks old and thought I would express and freeze beforehand.

Omani Breast Pump Review

I was offered the chance to review the Omani portable USB breast pump. I have previously used a well known brand of breast pump that I had occasionally used with Hayden so I had some frame of reference for comparison.


The whole pump is small and nicely compact. Unlike most other breast pumps there are no wires or tubes to get in the way which is great.

I also love the fact that its pink! as I am bit of a girly girl at heart. Though obviously this has no bearing on function at all!

How we got on with it?

It was simple to put together and use. It was comfortable for expressing and I did get a reasonable amount of breast milk out but probably slightly less than with a bigger pump. I found that although the comfort liner/massage cushion insert was a nice touch and indeed comfortable, I managed to get more milk out without using this. The pump easy to use and adjust suction level one-handed using the rotary knob on the motor part.

I took the pump to a wedding I was attending in London. Although I was childless at the wedding, I obviously still needed to pump whilst there to prevent an explosion!! It is great for travelling with, quite different to other pumps. Its small and lightweight so fitted into my handbag easily.

The bottle that it comes with comes with a handy stand and teat so you don’t have to transfer the expressed milk into another bottle. However it doesn’t come with just a lid (to use without the teat), which makes it a bit difficult when out and about if you just want to express and store.

I would say that it isn’t the quietest of pumps but having said that it may seem noisier as the motor is that much closer to your body in comparison to other pumps. It wasn’t really too much of a problem for me, but just depends on where you want to use it.

One of the best features about this pump is that fact that it is rechargeable so you don’t need to plug it in all the time. It has a USB charging unit. I was pleasantly surprised about how long the pump lasts after charging it up. I used it to pump for four times on different days and it still has charge left!

The Omani pump is currently retailing at £39.99 on amazon. I think this a very reasonable price and more affordable than some other pumps on the market.


I think if you are looking for a super powerful pump and want to do lots of expressing at home then this probably isn’t the pump for you. However if you just want to express every now and then or you need something portable then it’s perfect!

Disclosure: I was gifted the OMANI breast pump in return for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Review of the OMANI breast pump- portable and rechargeable electric pump. Perfect for breastfeeding on the go!


  1. Zena's Suitcase July 11, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    This does sound good for use on the go. I never really got into expressing, I found it something else to do on top of everything else, but as you say there’s always a time that you need to


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