Is there anything worse than a teething baby?

They are in pain, upset and your pretty limited as to what you can do to help them, especially when its several molars coming through all at once.

All I can say is pass the wine!!

There are lots of different teething toy products available on the market, though most well known is probably Sophie the Giraffe. BUT have you heard of Matchstick monkey? We have been trying this out over the past 6 months and have been really impressed by it.



Matchstick Monkey was developed by a mum, whose daughter had really bad teething pain but was unable to apply the teething gels without getting bitten, so she set about designing a toy that was fun for babies but functionally able to apply teething gels/granules and massage the gums. 



Like the majority of new mums, I had a sophie the giraffe, and Hayden did use it at times as a baby but not extensively, but then again his teeth seemed to come through very slowly we never had too much trouble with his teething.


Austin on the other hand, completely different ball game. From just over 3 months he was teething, and not happy about it! We did try with Sophie, but at 3 months he seemed to find it difficult to be able to grasp Sophie and chew on her.


So I had high hopes for Matchstick monkey.


It didn’t disappoint either.  It is made of Silicone, with thin arms that act as a handle, a bendy curly tail, and bristles on the back of the head.


Austin was easily able to grab it, pick it up and chew on it quite happily. I think where its made of silicone rather than rubber as well and not hollow it provides a bit more resistance for babies to bite against, which certainly Austin seems to prefer.


The toothbrush like bristles on it are great for applying Bonjela or Ambesol, or just using it as a training toothbrush to massage baby’s gums. 


Unlike Sophie, the monkey doesn’t have any holes and is not hollow so there are no concerns about possible build ups of mould or dirt inside. 


I was quite surprised that toddler Hayden has also been very keen to chew on the monkey when his teeth have been hurting too, which was an added bonus for me!


Another feature that we found really useful was the ability to attach a toy clip/dummy clip to the monkey, to prevent it getting dropped on the floor or lost when out and about, this was really handy.


It is reasonable price too retailing at £9.99 


It is available lots of colours including red, pink, grey, yellow, teal etc. 

Another few really good features of Matchstick Monkey toy is that they are dishwasher and freezer friendly. Meaning as a busy mum, I can just chuck it in the dishwasher to de-drool it! And I can put it in the freezer for the coldness to help even more with teething pain. 


Austin is now almost 10 months old and Hayden has just turned 2, but at present both are teething at the same time, really not fun! but it’s been good to see they both are still using the Matchstick monkey.


Overall I would say, I was really impressed with this product, simple but very well designed and really liked and used by both the boys. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a teething toy.


If you would like to have a look at matchstick monkey or fancy getting one take a look at their website. 


Review of new teething toy for babies and toddlers, matchstick monkey.

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