HiPP Moments Team – Meet the HiPP Buddies and New HiPP Organic pouches

Over the past 6 months we have been working with the lovely people at HiPP Organic throughout Austin’s weaning journey, from first tastes onwards. 

This time its all about the new HiPP Buddies and their new sweet and savoury pouches.   A bundle of which you could win if you enter the giveaway on my Instagram page. 

HiPP suggested that we let the little ones ‘takeover’ for the day, getting them to make decisions on not only which pouch they ate, but what to wear and what to do. Needless to say I was a bit unsure about how much chaos would ensue!

‘Take-over Day’

I Let Hayden decide what himself and I should wear, though I have to admit I did narrow it down first for him! And Austin had a riffle through his drawers and picked out a mismatched top and trousers, much to my dismay! I generally don’t even let my husband pick the boys outfits! I know, I know,  I’m a control freak!

Austin picked the apple, blueberry and banana museli with yoghurt pouch for breakfast. He’s not normally great with breakfast, and often its a struggle to get it into him. Although he didn’t finish it all he did seem to enjoy it and ate the majority. It didn’t go to waste though as Hayden polished it off, despite already devouring 2 weetabix and some fruit for breakfast!

I wasn’t able to let the boys fully takeover for the day, and not just because I am a control freak, but Austin is not yet talking and Hayden is talking very minimally, but does have yes and no. So I listed some choices for Hayden of things we could do, and let him choose by answering yes or no.

Hayden decided we should go to the park after breakfast, so we walked into town all wrapped up as it was freezing! But Hayden loved it and as always managed to find himself a ‘nice’ muddy puddle to splash about in!

After the park, we went for a coffee and babycino (Hayden loves a babycino), and not surprisingly decided he also wanted a gingerbread man! Austin chose the squash and chicken pasta bake pouch for his lunch, and he loved it, wolfing it all down in record time. I had managed to forget a bib and a spoon! (mum fail) but just gave it to him straight from the pouch, which worked really well, so convenient and minimal mess. This is why I love pouches, plus lighter to lug around that the jars!

By the time we had walked back they had both fallen asleep in the pram, so I left them in the pram in the living room as I daren’t try and move them, they would definitely wake up, Ive  been burnt by doing this before.

Instead I enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea and watched the latest greys anatomy episode. In the afternoon Hayden wanted to do some colouring, playing with his trains and of course several episodes of bloody Peppa pig! Im a bit sick of Peppa pig at the moment, and have currently got that stupid birdy birdy woof woof song stuck in my head!

About the Pouches

  • The HiPP Organic pouches are light, re-sealable and unbreakable – great for at home and on the go!
  • HiPP Organic’s 100% fruit pouches are a great way for little ones to enjoy up to 2 of their 5 a day
  • Offering more vegetables than fruit during weaning helps move your little one away from a natural preference for sweeter tastes which may help reduce fussy eating later on. That’s why at HiPP Organic’s savoury recipes taste savoury
  • Discover HiPP Organic’s full range of over 30 pouches here: HiPP Pouches 

New HiPP Buddies

Along with the pouches from HiPP, we also received some other goodies, including a few books introducing the new HiPP Buddies. Meet the HiPP Buddies – the new addition to the HiPP Family! They’re a group of hard working furry friends who have one ultimate goal – to make the finest organic pouches. Each has their own task on the HiPP farm – they pick the fruit and vegetables, mash them, stir them and finally fill the pouches

Hayden really enjoyed reading the little books about the HiPP Buddies and what they have been getting up to. Austin doesn’t have much of an attention span to sit through a whole story, but he did enjoy looking at the pages and attempting to eat the books!

Hayden’s favourite HiPP buddy was Finley the Fox, like his beloved Mr Foxy Teddy and Austin seemed most interested in the cheeky Max the Monkey, which I feel is no coincidence!

We were also send some fun animal masks to play with. Austin was pretty freaked out when i put any of the masks on, and wouldn’t let me put one on him at all! Hayden was a bit more relaxed about it, thought it was lots of fun for me to wear the masks but not so much him!


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Good Luck!


MMeeting the new HiPP buddies and testing out HiPP oRGANIC new sweet and savorary baby food pouches for baby weaning.

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