Bibs Bibs and more Bibs- Bibetta Review

So you may have seen on social media that we recently started weaning Austin. We have been doing a mixture of traditional puree foods and baby led weaning. If you have weaned your children already you will know how fun but very messy it can be! Especially with the baby led weaning. It pretty much carnage!!


Obviously one of the must have weaning products are Bibs! In order to try to minimise the number of outfits your baby will wear in a day, not to mention to help keep your washing pile at bay! We were kindly sent some bibs to try from Bibetta, their Ultra baby feeding bib, baby feeding bib with sleeves and a dribble bib.

I have to say this was great timing as all the bibs we had for Hayden were past their best to say the least.


Bibetta was born in 2004 after a product designer Father got frustrated with all the bibs he tried for his daughter and developed a Neoprene one.


Neoprene is the same stuff that wetsuits are made out of! This means the bibs are naturally waterproof, durable and soft!


Feeding Bibs


Made from Neoprene with the pelican style pocket that folds out and in a variety of bright colours.

Over the past couple of months I have tried both the bibs with both Austin and Hayden.


I think these Bibs are great and perfect for weaning. And here’s Why?


  • They are soft so the boys will wear them. Hayden always refused to wear one of the plastic wipe clean ones and let’s face it they do look rather uncomfortable having that round your neck!
  • They have the pelican pocket to catch discarded food and minimise the amount of food you pick up from the floor! And their lap!
  • They are pretty stain proof unlike other bibs we have in the drawer with covered in spaghetti Bolognese stains despite Vanish and many washes.
  • You can give them a quick wash with washing up liquid straight after food, and then wring out and hang to dry ready for next meal, no need for a new bib!- thereby greatly reducing my already never-ending washing pile!
  • You can wash and TUMBLE them! This is a game changer for me!- especially in the winter when you can’t hang things outside to dry quickly.

The combination of all these things means that I only a need a couple of bibs for weaning instead of the small mountain that I had previously, I can wash and dry them quickly and they stay a lovely vibrant non Bolognese colour!!

These Bibs would also be perfect for doing messy play and crafty things in too, I just haven’t found the time recently to do any crafty activities but will definitely be utilising these when we do!


Dribble Bib


We were also sent a dribble bib to try. The dribble bibs are banana style bib with 2 absorbent layers of micro-fibre fabric again in a variety of colours.


Austin was happy to wear the bib and I like the look of the banana bibs but found at times it gathered up a bit too much and got in the way of his chin/mouth. Perhaps as he gets a bit older this would be better. It was very absorbent though and I didn’t need to change it all day despite a LOT of dribble and drooling from a teething Austin which is great. These bibs are also washable and suitable for tumble drying another major positive.


Needless to say I have already recommended the Bibetta feeding bibs to my mummy friends. If you want to find out more about Bibetta bibs or to buy some have a look at their website here


A review of Bibetta bibs. They are made of neoprene, like wetsuits which makes them very durable and easy to wash.

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