3 months old- Austin update

3 months old- Austin update

I’ve been so behind lately that Austin is now almost 4 months when I’m writing this 3 months old update and as I always say, time seems to moving very fast.

Feeding and Growing

Austin is continuing to grow at a rate of knots! And has now jumped up to the 75% centile on the growth chart. Weighing in at 16lbs 12oz! He is getting his chubby baby face, arms and legs look that I love!

I am really interested to see how big Austin will be and if he will be bigger than his older brother Hayden as Austin is actually bigger than Hayden was at this age. Whether he will continue to grow at the same rate though or plateau along the growth centile, we will just have it wait and see!

Austin is well and truly in the 3-6 months clothes but I don’t think he will be in them for long, as already there is not much room left!

He is still breastfeeding and is pretty attached to it. Unfortunately giving him one bottle a day in the evening has fallen by the wayside and he it is now very difficult to get him to take a bottle at all. Even if it’s expressed milk. This has been really difficult because for me because it means I can’t really go anywhere without him.

Recently he has been feeding more and more during the night, often it feels like it’s all night long in my semi comatose state but it’s probably more like 3-4 times a night. I’m hoping this due to a growth spurt or developmental leap and will return to normal 1-2 times soon.

I’m really keen for him to take a bottle as well as I’m not sure how long I will keep up with the breastfeeding. We are going to try different bottles teats to see if that makes any difference. Fingers crossed it will. A lovely friend of mine has given us some Mam and tommee tippee bottles to try.


Previously I reported that Austin was sleeping well during the night in the sleepyhead and next to me crib but not great during the day. Since then he is not sleeping as well at night now, he is waking for more feeds during the night and frequently has been ending up in bed with me instead of the crib.

I am acutely aware this is not an ideal situation. But often we are both so tired I just end up choosing the easiest option, the path of least resistance. As I said earlier I think he’s going through some sort of growth spurt/developmental leap and hopefully when


Yet again Austin has a cold and cough, which is making him a bit more grumpy, understandably! He did go a good 4 weeks without any illness in between these updates though!

Austin has been suffering from bad nappy rash and similar rash in his armpits and behind his knees. I think it’s all due to the heat we’ve had recently and the heat in Turkey. We had been using some anti fungal cream which helped but didn’t clear things completely. Now we’ve  got some steroid cream which will hopefully do the trick.

Development and playtime

Austin is becoming more alert and active every day. He gets very excited at times when playing on his mat. Austin is a very chatty and noisy baby, often babbling to himself. Probably in order to be heard over his brother!

His dexterity and hand eye coordination are really improving. He loves grabbing and playing with toys and of course exploring everything with his mouth! His favourite toys are his Lamaze dinosaur, a lion rattle and just a plain old Muslin!

I have started to wonder if he is teething. He is often really chewing on something and seems in pain at times. We have a Sophie giraffe but he finds it difficult to hold her at the moment so I’m on the lookout for some other good teething toys. He is refusing to take a dummy and prefers to suck on his hands, so different from his brother.

Despite being quite slow with Smiling initially, Austin is now a very smiley baby and it just melts my heart when he smiles back at me!

We have just started going to baby sensory and he really enjoyed that. He seemed very interested in the other babies around him. We are still going to swimming lessons and there is no longer any crying at all during the lessons, even going underwater or being splashed!



I think Austins development is coming along well. I don’t think it will be too long before he is sitting up and rolling. Just hoping the sleeping improves and that he starts taking a bottle soon!


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  1. July 24, 2017 / 2:39 am

    I can barely remember to take pictures in those belly stickers with the milestones, let alone write an entire post! Cheers to a healthy, growing baby! He sure is coming along nicely and really does look mature for only 3 months (in a good way!) 🙂

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