2 months old – Austin update

2 months old – Austin update

I’m sure I Said this last month too but I can’t believe you are 2 months old  already Austin!

He has another cold at the moment, as does Hayden. Really bad cough and coughing up mucus struggling to get off his chest. Makes me pretty anxious and so end up awake half the night listening to him breathing. Poor baby.

Feeding and Growth

And boy haven’t you grown! I’ve lost count of the comments I’ve had about how your big for 8 weeks old! And that ‘must be some good stuff in my milk!’ I’m starting to think though this may just be one of those things people generically say like commenting on the weather!

He has really filled out in the face.  I think he is starting to resemble his brother Hayden more and more. I Need to get him weighed again really.  He is almost out of 0-3 clothes and in size 3 nappies  now.


Austin is sleeping well at night still and seems to be in a good routine now. Has a bath with daddy whilst I put Hayden to bed and then has a bottle and cuddles with daddy. Comes to bed with mummy around 10pm and then sleeps in tthe next to me, waking for 2 feeds during the night generally.

Still not in much of a routine during the day. He finds it difficult to sleep and stay asleep unless on me or in the carrier. Usually will go to sleep in bassinet of pram but not always. But he doesn’t ever stay asleep once you stop moving sadly. I think he gets quite overtired in the afternoon/evening.

Development and playtime

The best thing for me about this past month has been seeing Austin start smiling! He got off to a slow start, and didn’t seem to smile very much at all. And in true mummy style I was worried that he wasn’t very happy and that’s why he wasn’t smiling. Unsurprisingly when I voiced this concern to my husband Mike, he just told me I was crazy and of course our 7 week old baby isn’t depressed or unhappy! Having said all that he is now quite the smiler especially first thing in the morning, and has little chuckles which are so cute!

He is Enjoying being on the playmat more and more and started to play with Lamaze toys.

We have just started your first swimming lessons with turtle tots too and he does love being in the water just really hates the getting out kart and screams the place down!!

Having the swimming lesson on a Tuesday and our day together on Friday when Hayden’s at nursery is really nice to have some one on one time with Austin too.


First passport  arrived this month too! He looks so different Already can’t believe they last for 5 years seems a bit mad he will be unrecognisable by then!

We’ve got first set of vaccinations this week so I have to say I’m not looking forward to these.

Lets see what the next month brings for you Austin!

2 months old- Find out how baby Austin is getting on at 2 months old.


  1. May 24, 2017 / 7:26 am

    Ahh he is so cute and precious! 8 weeks…wow. I have teens so this seems a long time ago but it is a lovely time when they start to find their own hands and voice!

  2. May 24, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    What a little cutie. Good luck with the vaccines!

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