Thomas track playset review


Over the last month or so we or rather Hayden has been trying out another Thomas toy from Bladez Toyz much to his delight!

The Thomas track playset is a puzzle with groove track on it, that you can put together in different combinations and then let the battery powered Thomas go along the track.


Being honest, my husband Mike wasn’t that impressed when I first mentioned it, muttering about too many toys in the house etc etc. But he has since changed his mind after seeing how much Hayden enjoys playing with it, and probably because it actually doesn’t take up much room at all!



What did we think of the Thomas Track Playset?


The Good

  • The Puzzle pieces are easy to put together, Hayden managed to do this no problem. Which is great for me, so I can just let him get on with it whilst I see to Austin or make dinner etc.




  • The track is very colourful and features all the favourite and well known Thomas characters including the Fat Controller, Thomas, James, Gordon, Percy and Diesel.


  •  It’s Easy for small child to use straight from the box, no complicated set up or tools involved!


  • 50 different track combinations are available with the 8 Different pieces, Hayden loved being able to change the whole track so easily and often would change the track before even Thomas completing a whole lap! There may even me further sets featuring more Thomas Friends being released later this year that will also connect, allowing even more possible combinations and longer track routes.


  • Very transportable, unlike Haydens other train track sets, this was really easy and space saving to just shove the pieces in the bag and go, and set it up anywhere. We took it along to the Fmly Store for a business event recently.


  •  It is a Stem set,  so its great for child development and problem solving skills.



  •  Thomas can run on other flat surfaces too, not just the track pieces.


  •  Priced at £19.99, seems like a reasonable price for this sort of toy, especially for one branded with Thomas.


The Less Good

We really liked this Thomas Track playset and couldn’t really find much fault with it.

My only slight complaint would be that Thomas runs quite quick and only has this one-speed setting, it would be good for to a slightly slower speed setting too.

Overall we would say a really good toy buy for Thomas Fans!

If you are interested in the Thomas Track Playset it is available to buy at Argos;


Review of thomas track puzzle playset track. perfect to travel with. great toy for toddlers and thomas fans. My little boy loved this toy.

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  1. Becca September 9, 2018 at 6:51 am

    My little ones would love this! They’re crazy about Thomas and train tracks! Great review, thanks ?


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