The Sibling Project August

I started doing the sibling project, a monthly photo update of the boys back in April but unfortunately I haven’t kept it up to date so my last update was in May. Its been a really busy couple of months, with having the boys by myself monday to friday, our holiday to Turkey and attempting to move house!

I have just been looking back on my update from May, and suddenly realising quite how much both the boys have grown and changed over the past 3 months. Hayden is suddenly looking more grown up, since he has starting walking and having his hair cut. Austin is also a little chunk just like Hayden and as you can see from the pictures has really filled out in last couple of months!





It has been really lovely to see their bond together grow over that time. Previously Austin just looked a bit daunted whenever Hayden approached in his usual boisterous manner. But now he is always smiling at him and watching what he’s doing.

Hayden loves to lean over Austin and attempt to give him kisses, which is just the same as before! (see below!)


Hayden is always so excited to see Austin when he comes down in the morning. He holds out his arms together to show that he would like to give Austin a cuddle!

We duly oblige by getting Hayden to sit up on the sofa and carefully placing Austin on his lap as demanded. However, Hayden soon realises that Austin is pretty heavy for his little legs and then goes to push him off!




Hayden is quite protective of Austin, he will often run back to the pram to check on him say when we are at the park or at dancing tots.


Hayden does still get quite jealous of Austin, more so I have found when we are out. If we are out and I’m holding Austin then Hayden suddenly wants to be picked up too. This is pretty tricky to be honest. In desperate times I have somehow managed to carry them both without dropping either of them! though im sure my back is pretty screwed!


Although he does get jealous as any young sibling would, he has been much more gentle with Austin overall and doesn’t lash out at him anymore. This is quite a relief, I found it really difficult to see Hayden hurting Austin.


Another thing that they unfortunately have in common is an early love of tv, in particular Thomas the Tank engine. They will sit and watch it together nicely for 20 minutes, I know it’s not ideal but it gives me a chance to go to the toilet, get dressed, put washing on etc and needs must!


The Sibling Project


Hayden still tries to engage Austin with playing trains, and doesn’t always understand that Austin is a bit little to be able to play with him yet. I’m sure when he is older enough Hayden will decide he doesn’t want Austin to play with his toys!


I have also carried on at times dressed them in the same outfit, because I can’t help myself, it so adorable! Twinning is Winning after all! I know that they won’t let me do this indefinitely so I’m getting it out of my system now!

The Sibling Project

Managed to get all 3 of my boys in the same outfit here!!


I’m really looking forward to seeing how their relationship continues to develop as Austin starts to sit up, and play more. So far it has been really lovely to see them together. I will leave you with this picture of the 2 of them playing on the tractor in Nannie and Grandads garden!


See you during next months Sibling project in September!

the Sibling Project August

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
The Sibling Project August

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