This post is a guest post by the lovely Hannah (once a Mrs always a Mama) who just happens to be my cousin in law. She is raising her beautiful daughter Lauren as a single mum. She has written a touching open letter to her daughter about what life as a single mama is like.


To my daughter,


I will continue as always to wipe your tears when you are sad and wipe your bottom until you can do it yourself.

I will ask you to put your shoes on the right way round when you always put them on the wrong way (on purpose) and I will never tire of hearing your role play in the bath with your toys…. and my shower gel that I now need to replace again!

The way you always have to get into my side of the bed to cuddle even though there is a spare side just for you…always.


You now have decided to call me Mama instead of Mummy which makes me immensely proud that you have your own mind on what you want to say without influence…you are growing up way too quickly!

When Mummy is feeling sad you don’t always know but my favourite thing is our dancing sessions in the kitchen which helps mummy to forget her worries. It really is my favourite thing.

When Mummy has time to herself and Granddad looks after you it is only so that Mummy can still be herself and can be a better Mama to you. Mummy will continue to teach you about self-care and loving yourself.


Yes, our routine can make me feel trapped sometimes doing everything for us and making all the important decisions for you but on the odd occasion someone is looking after you, the freedom of taking a late night trip to Asda for cake sends my endorphins into overdrive and I am rejuvenated again. (It’s the little things)


You may think that Mummy longs for your bedtime to be able to sit down and relax (which she does!) but really these nightly hours sat here on my own is the loneliest of hours without you. And that every night when you’re fast asleep I lock the door and pull the curtain with a little sigh knowing that no one is going to come knocking at our door. For now, it will always just be me and you, safe inside.


And no matter who may enter our lives or depart we have each other you and me forever.


I will never tire of being a Single Mama bringing you up all on my own, single-handedly.

I will never tire of being your mummy and believe me…nothing in this world will ever make me give up on you.


You can find Hannah on Instagram at Once a Mrs always a mama 


A letter from a single mama to her daughter about life as a single mum

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  1. Liz knights July 4, 2018 at 10:28 am

    lovely just lovely – more power to you Hannah – you’re doing a Stirling job x


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