Me and Mine Project May

Me and Mine Project May

May has been a busy month for us, we have had lots of days out wth the boys which has been lovely.  We have had Trips to the zoo, tractor Ted day out at Bowood House, Crofton beam engines, lunches with friends.

We’ve also been able to see lots of family this month, which is so nice for the boys. The boys have seen all 6 of their grandparents this month and 4 great grandparents, as well as all of their aunties and uncles! No mean feat!

Our me and mine photos this month are from visiting the boys Papa and Granny and getting to sit in great grampys tractor. You can see that Hayden is upset because we are making him pose for a photo and not just wants to go back on the tractor. Meanwhile Austin is trying his hardest to sleep! Our honorary fifth family family ‘foxy’ is also featured in this months photo!!


This month…..

Mummy loving

  • getting excited about holiday to turkey
  • charity shop bargains!
  • Seeing lots of family and friends
  • some great family days out
  • handsmaid tale tv show
  •  blogging

Daddy loving

  • american gods programme on amazon tv
  • spending time with the boys
  • seeing lots of family and friends
  • chocolate spread on toast

Hayden loving

  • Tractor ted dvds and all things tractors
  • being out in the garden and watering daddy’s plants
  • strawberries!
  • Swimming

Austin loving

  • bath time with daddy
  • playing on his play mat with Lamaze toys
  • swimming classes with turtle tots

We have had a great month in May and really looking forward to our family holiday in turkey in June!!!

The Me and Mine Project

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