After last week when it was torrential rain outside and we were without the car that day, the boys and I stayed home. At first, it was quite nice not to rush around trying to get ready and out the door but after a couple of hours I was exhausted and the boys were bored, I found it difficult to come up with toddler activities to keep them entertained. 

In all honesty, I struggle to play for long periods of time with children, I find it mind0numbingly boring, I know that’s not what your supposed to say but its the truth.


So I went in search online and from some fellow bloggers of ideas of toddler activities that I could do with the boys on days when we are stuck in the house. 

  1. Make slime ( Surban Mum) This is something I haven’t yet braved trying with the boys, I strongly suspect Austin will try and eat it! 

  2. Play hide and Seek – This was a game I loved playing as a child. Started trying to play this with Hayden in the park, though he didn’t entirely get the idea that he had to stay hidden! 

  3. Make an indoor assault course– I haven’t instigated this activity but the boys often take the cushions off the sofas and do laps around the house chasing each other and giggling. 

  4. Bake cakes – This is often my go-to rainy day activity, pre-children I used to bake all the time, and I love that Hayden is really started to enjoy doing it too. 

  5. Play in the Bath –  The boys often have a bath in the evening as part of their bedtime routine and they love it, but id never thought before as a daytime activity but will definitely be trying this one. 

  6. Make Shadow Puppets (Surban mum

  7. Dance to music- Austin loves to dance

  8. Have an indoor picnic

  9. Treasure hunt

  10. Make Paper Aeroplanes

  11. Build a train track 

  12. Tuft Tray play  (Nicola from Mummy to Dex) – Setting up the tuff tray with various bits. We like kinetic sand and toy diggers or lots of different types of cereal and his garbage truck. 
  13. Water Play – A huge plastic container filled with water, toy animals, cups, spoons and jugs.
  14. Drawing and colouring (Jo from a Rose tinted world )

  15. Playdough – We have this out in our house almost daily at the moment!

  16. Painting spring flowers (Jenny from the Gingerbread House)

  17. Puzzles

  18.  Sensory dinosaur play! (Emma from Dirt, digger and Dinosaurs)– It was RAWWRRsome 🦖

  19. Treasure boxes (Lauren from Sophies Nursery) – set up a box with random items around the house that are toddler safe, or items based on a theme e.g. rainbows & let them independently explore
  20. Watch a Movie

  21. Pasta in a paddling pool (Josie from Me the ma and the others)- Give them some containers and it’s like water play without the water. I was finding it for months after but they did love it.
  22. Build a Den

  23. Frozen friends (Bethany from Northumland Family Diaries)

    I have used dinosaurs and toy cars for this activity but any small toy would work. Put chosen toys into a small container that would fit easily into the freezer. Cover toys with water (you don’t need to use a lot, just enough to cover them). Pop in the freezer overnight and take out when required. Let your child choose some “tools” to try to break the ice and dig their friends out.

  24. Play dress up

  25. Role Play – 

    Set up a shop (see below), or a doctor’s surgery, a vet, hairdressers etc. Take it in turns playing different characters. 

I hope you find this list helpful, it’s often difficult to think of these things at the time, but that may be because you have a toddler yelling at you!

There are lots more activities you can do with your toddlers at home, but I picked these ones are on the whole they are minimally labour intensive to do! at least until it comes to cleaning up anyway!

The only problem with my two is that their attention span is short, so we will (could!) get through most of these in one day at home.


What do activities do you do with little ones on rainy days at home?



Indoor Toddler activities for rainy days

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