Hayden’s 20 Month Update

Hayden’s 20 Month Update

Dear Hayden,

This was originally supposed to have been an 18 month update but it’s taken me so long to get my arse in gear and write this, that it’s now a 20 month update. It’s been 3 months since my last update (15 months old) and you have really grown up in the last 5 months.

And your off…

The biggest change is that you are now walking independently, more than that you have started to run. When you’re tired though you tend to walk around aimlessly like a drunk little old man and fall over! You love being able to go where you want and find it very funny to run away from me!



You still love being outside, whether it be the garden, the park or anywhere really! I try and go out with you most mornings so you can get your fill of fresh air and selfishly so that you get tired and have a decent nap in the afternoon! You tend to go a bit stir crazy if we stay in the house, which inevitably leads to me going a bit mad too! Never a good combination!


You’re not fussed if it’s raining and pouring it down either, and only recently discovered the joys of splashing about in muddy puddles! (Thanks for that Peppa Pig!). So we don’t let the rain stop our daily adventures, even if I personally would rather snuggle up on the sofa with a film!



You still love your food!! Your latest favourite being strawberries! You can’t get enough of them! You are still on the 99th centile for weight, but I think you must have grown in height because you have slimmed down recently. Must be all the walking. In comparison to other children the same age you are bigger still. I do worry that people will misjudge how old you are and think you should be acting older.


Like your parents, in particular your mum you are a very chatty person! Though you aren’t actually saying many distinguishable words yet. I am sure I have heard you say tractor for example, but when I ask you to repeat it you just go all shy and won’t. I find this quite odd as you are no shy in any other way!! Sometimes I worry that you aren’t saying more words yet but I am always reassured that your understanding is really good. This is probably why you get frustrated sometimes though.


You have definitely entered full toddler stage now and regularly have toddler tantrums and meltdowns! All very dramatic and if I’m honest I tend to find them quite amusing (though not when we are out and about mind!)


It’s still all about the trains and tractors in our house! You just love anything really with wheels and an engine!! Typical boy! You will even sit with your daddy and happily watch youtube videos of steam trains.. Weird… perhaps a budding train spotter!!


I think my favourite thing about you is you are such a happy chappy and never cease to make me smile (even when I’m feeling low).

Haydens 20 months update

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