A letter to Hayden on his 2nd Birthday

A letter to Hayden on his 2nd Birthday

Hayden, I can’t believe you are 2 years old. In so many ways these last 2 years have flown by in a haze of tiredness, dirty nappies, laughter, food everywhere, an incredible amount of snot and copious amount of caffeine. But then again, my life before you seems unimaginably long ago almost another lifetime!

You have brought immeasurable amounts of Joy and love into our lives


You were a lovely baby, and as many people told me such a good baby! So easy going. As nice as the baby days were with you, one of the best things about being a parent is seeing your unique personality emerge over time, and as your teenage Uncle Elliott likes to say become a ‘real mini-person!’


Hayden if I were to describe you I would say, you are loud, a bit crazy, great sense of humour and have an infectious smile. Now don’t get me wrong you can also be quite a handful, and as I have said previously your terrible twos have definitely started!


You love being outside running free, especially muddy puddles even if your not in your wellies (as mummy cries internally!) You still love Trains in particular Thomas still and tractors. However recently you have developed a serious affliction.. sorry I mean affection for Peppa Pig.



You are boisterous and brave, loving diving in at soft play, or jumping in the pool.


You Love being around other children and want to play with them I think, but you don’t always understand playing and often are quite grabby with other children which can lead to crying all round. Hopefully as you get a bit older and communicate more this will change.


Your understanding is amazing, Daddy and I do worry sometimes about your speech compared to your friends the same age but like everything else so far I’m sure you will get there just in your own time, you do things at your own pace. And if you’re anything like me and my side of the family we won’t be able to shut you up soon enough!


Sleeping is something you have cracked now too (unlike your brother!) and we have just moved you into your big boy Thomas bed, which you absolutely adore and to be honest it can be a challenge to get you out of bed now! Something I didn’t expect to occur until your teenage years!



The relationship you have with Austin is adorable mostly, but at times challenging. You can be extremely caring, giving Austin hugs/kisses, trying to blow his nose for him, sharing your chocolate buttons with him. There are other times when you are understandable jealous of your little brother and crave some individual attention. I hope you know that it’s hard for me too and I will try to give you one on one time when possible.


Quite a new little habit you have developed is whenever your in the living room, rearranging the pillows and getting snuggly on the sofa with the blanket!


One of my favourite things to do together is when we pop to a coffee shop, you love having a babycinno and being mummys big grown up boy whilst I get to keep on track with my caffeine quota for the day! This does now mean though that I am unable to enter any coffee shop without purchasing said babyccino or a mammoth tantrum occurs! Mind you probably worse habits for you than a mini cup of warm steamed milk and a few mini marshmallows!


Judgy mum


You are still great little eater, and enjoy food especially your favourites like smoked salmon and spaghetti hoops (not together! urgh)


I can’t wait to see what you make of christmas this year too, I know technically it’s your 3rd christmas this year but the first christmas you were only 1 week old, and last year was lovely but still you didn’t really have any understanding of what was going on. Whereas this year, you are starting to understand about father christmas, the christmas tree and giving gifts etc.


I hope you have an amazing Birthday today and We are looking forward to this next year of family Gumn adventures and seeing you develop and grow even more. We are so proud of you and who you are becoming.


Lots of Love





A letter to my son on his 2nd Birthday, all about how he is getting on at 2 years old. His favourite things and development.


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