1 month old- Austin update

1 month old- Austin update

I can’t really believe that Austin is 1 month old already! It many ways the past month has flown by, but conversely it feels like a lifetime ago that I had a decent nights sleep!

As you may or may not know, Austin was born on 19th March via an emergency Caesarean section. He is gaining weight well, He was 8lbs 3oz at birth and now weighs 10lbs 11oz!

It has been quite an eventful month, including an ambulance journey and 3 day stay in the children’s hospital with suspected sepsis 2 weeks ago. In the end they only found a virus, causing his illness and thankfully he is now recovered.

However, now poor thing has a cold/cough. It’s horrible to see him struggling to cough effectively, and to feed with blocked nose. I’m hoping it passes soon.


He is sleeping quite well overnight in his sleepyhead in the next to me crib. He is currently only waking for short feeds every 4 hours overnight. This has worried me a bit that perhaps he’s not getting enough food, and should I wake him up to feed him more? But he is gaining weight really well and feeds a lot during the day, so think maybe he just stocks up a bit on food in the daytime. Either that or he is sleeping more at night because of his cold.

Austin in his Ergopouch and sleepyhead in the next to me crib.


As I just mentioned he doesn’t feed that much overnight. However he more than makes up for it during the day, in particular the afternoon/evening when he is basically permanently attached to a boob!! All the feeding is obviously doing the trick though as he is gaining weight really well. His face is starting to fill out so he looks more like a cute baby and less alien like now! Lol. He still has his little chicken legs though!

We seem to have stopped giving him a bottle of formula in the evening the last couple of weeks, but plan to restart this. We gave Hayden one bottle of formula a day in the evening from quite an early age too. This meant that he was always happy to take a bottle when needed but didn’t put him off breastfeeding either.

This was great because it gave me a bit of flexibility if I wanted to go out without the baby and meant that I didn’t have any difficulties reducing the breastfeeding and establishing bottle feeding later on with Hayden. It also gave Mike the opportunity to feed Hayden, and I think it really helped them bond early on. Something which Would be nice for Austin and Mike too, as they haven’t had as much one on one time together so far. I hoping by doing the same with an evening bottle with Austin will help in the same way later on.

Austin is also a very windy baby! I was always told my midwives etc previously that breastfed babies don’t need burping/winding after feeding and Hayden never did. But Austin definitely does. He often appears to be uncomfortable and in pain after feeding a lot, particularly in the evening like colic. Normally after he has burped and trumped a few times he feels better, bless him!


Austin is a relatively relaxed baby but probably not nearly as chilled as Hayden was, bit more clingy to me. He is generally happy to go to other people if being held/rocked unless he’s hungry but not keen on being put down for any time longer than about 10 minutes. As you imagine, this can be quite challenging especially when Hayden wants me to play with him too!

Austin has just started to smile too which is lovely, though not very often at the moment. He has quite an expressive face but generally looks quite serious! Resembling his cousin Oscar when he was younger!

He’s only had a couple of baths so far but he seems to really love being in the water, which is great. Looking forward to taking him swimming for the first time soon.

Now he is getting older, he’s having much longer wakeful periods and is quite an alert baby during the day. I have started trying him out on his playmate and showing him some toys. He seems to like them but it can be a bit challenging with Hayden charging around with his walker at the same time, I am constantly on high alert and watching out so he doesn’t run over him!


The past month has been quite eventful and lots of adjustments for the family getting used to a newborn. But it’s been lovely to see Austin grow and develop over the past month, I can’t wait to see how he changes over the coming months.






  1. April 30, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    He is such a cutie!

  2. May 18, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    Gosh, you forget just how tiny and totally helpless they are that that age. And, of course, how much they’re taking in – even at that tiny age!
    Time flies when you have a little one (as I’m sure you know that aleady!!)

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