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I read a blog post the other day that really got to me a bit, they started it by saying sorry for being a another mental health blogger, and then proceeded very equilantly to talk about how their mental health affects them.


You are probably thinking why would this bother me?

Well the post itself was well written and very honest and I could relate very well to the things she was saying. As you know I regularly post about my mental health, and I believe that we need to be able to talk openly about it.

What bothered me was the fact that she felt the need to apologise more than once for blogging about her mental health.

And this is the problem.


Yes people are talking more than ever before about mental health which is great, and I honestly believe it can really help people either to understand a bit more about mental health and how it affects people and for people who are suffering to know they are not on their own, and that lots of people go through similar struggles. Knowing this has certainly helped me this last year.


Why should she or anyone apologise for blogging about their mental health?


If she was blogging about parenting, cancer, food or fashion, I doubt she would feel the need to apologise first, despite their being an abundance of blogs on these topics too!


Also its her blog about her, she can write about whatever she damn well wants, if people aren’t interested or don’t like it then they don’t have to read it do they, no one is making them!


The people who do read her blog, most likely it’s because they are interested in her and care about her, not necessarily because her writing is amazing (though it is very good!), so I’m sure that they would want to know what’s going on in her life.


For me my blog is whatever I want to write about, whether that be slimming world, pregnancy, parenting, mental health, fashion or just a bit of comment/rant like this one. I am under no illusion that everyone will be interested in everything that I write about, but that’s ok.


We need to stop apologising for being honest and open about mental health, yes it doesn’t always make for comfortable reading, and to be honest I sometimes hover over the post button and consider whether I shouldn’t be so candid. But I am because as I said before the reading that someone else is or has experienced similar feelings to you can be very reassuring. I have also found that the posts that I pause about before posting, tend to be the ones that ultimately people relate to and respond to most. Which reaffirms to me that I am doing something good by writing about it.


Although I am by nature a very talkative person, I do find it particularly hard to talk to people about how I’m feeling and my mental health, but I find it so much easier to write about it, in fact, my thoughts tend to just flow out of me, and I tend to write these posts without really thinking about them. I find it therapeutic to write it down and get my thoughts in order.


I am just reading an amazing book “Mad Girl” by Bryony Gordon about her struggle with mental health and she said that just the process of getting it all out of her onto paper really helped. Almost like an exorcism of the negative thoughts.


I appreciate that writing or talking about their mental health, just like lots of other topics might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but please please people should never feel unable to talk about it if they want to and shouldn’t have to feel the need to apologise ever!


Lets END the Stigma of MENTAL HEALTH.

Rant discussion post about how we shouldn't be ashamed or apologetic to be talking about mental health and illness. Lets end the stigma of mental illness.

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