This Year (2017) in Review

Well its New Years eve again, and the last day of 2017. A time for reflection on how this year has gone and what we will remember from it. 

It’s been one hell of a year, here are just a few of things that happened….


This year has been amazing, horrible, and challenging in equal proportion.


This year I started my first ever blog


This year I joined twitter and instagram


This year I turned 31


This Year I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Austin



This Year I have suffered with postnatal depression and anxiety, and I have felt so low at times that I couldn’t see things ever getting better


This year I felt I had lost myself and who I was



This year I really struggled with bonding with baby Austin


This year I started antidepressants for the first time


This year I got to see Hayden develop into quite the little character, he’s gone from a 1 year old baby to a fun-loving pint sized dictator of a toddler.



This year Hayden and Austin saw snow for the first time!


This year I discovered more about myself than I knew.


This year I have learnt more about websites, social media and what SEO is


This Year I discovered it was ok to not be ok all of the time, that motherhood isn’t always a magical experience all of the time.


This year we had lots of lovely family days out including Bristol zoo, seaside, a day out with Thomas, Tractor ted, and Puxton park.

This year I got back in touch with a creative side I thought I had lost through writing and designing T-shirts.


This Year I found an amazing group of supportive women and mamas online and in person who helped me get through all the tough times, I am so grateful for your kindness and support


This year we went on our first holiday abroad with the boys!…. And survived!


This year Hayden turned 2.

This year we had our first christmas as a family of four


This year we have moved house (again) but I finally feel settled.


This Year I started a small business- Mama Be Kind– something I never dreamed of doing before

This Year I have rediscovered a passion and drive that I feared I had lost.




This year I got to drink wine again! (as no longer pregnant or with newborn baby!)



I can only imagine what 2018 will bring……


What are the things you will remember from 2017?


Reflecting on the past year (2017) what things have changed for our family


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