Festive Family Photoshoot with Sweet Home Photography

After the success of our autumn photoshoot recently, I was really keen to get a few more family photos but with a festive theme. As much as I love Autumn, Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. Despite my love of Christmas, we have never had any professional Christmas photos taken before (probably because its not the sort of thing you do when its just the 2 of you!)


Sweet home photography are a photography company based in Bristol, Yate and Chipping Sodbury.  I have admired their photography for a while,  having seen their gorgeous vintage style photos pop up often on my facebook timeline, so I decided to book with them and I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.


sweet home photography


It is run my Husband and Wife duo, Marcin and Larisa. We attended one of their mini Christmas shoot sessions at their studio in Yate. They run these mini sessions every year, the price is only £65 and includes 5 resolution pictures with printing rights. Which is pretty reasonable price I think. 


Larisa was really helpful about what to wear, and sent me over the colour theme for the shoot set up so that I could make sure our clothes complemented these colours. She answered any questions I had beforehand and was very quick to respond to messages, which was great. 


Knowing the colour theme for the shoot beforehand meant that I could get both the boys the cutest vintage style matching outfits from NEXT that I had my eye on for a while as now I had a good excuse! Most people know that I am a bit of a sucker for twinning! If only they had a matching outfit for Mike too! ha ha.  I also treated myself a new flared out skirt from New Look sale for the occasion, and went about channelling my inner Audrey Hepburn! 


sweet home photography


The studio was easy to find with the directions we had been given and plenty of parking just round the corner. Both Larisa and Marcin were friendly and professional, and put us all at ease when we arrived. The photo shoot itself was relaxed atmosphere too, but I personally was a bit anxious that both the boys hadn’t slept well and were super grumpy!

Larisa and Marcin  really had their work cut for them with the boys, and you can just tell in a couple of shots that Austin is pretty on the edge of losing it!  But amazingly they did manage to get some lovely photos of us, without either child bawling their eyes out. 


sweet home photography


We could tell they were both very adept and used to working with children, especially young children. Thankfully they had lots of tricks up their sleeves;  including props to play with, phone, toys to keep the boys going! Hayden particularly enjoyed playing the glass jar of sweets, as he managed to open the sweets and help himself! (I am not entirely sure that this was their intention, but it did the trick!). They were unphased by the multiple bouts of crying and tantrums, and adapted which photo to try accordingly.

Marcin and Larisa worked really well together as a photography duo, and it helped having 2 people, especially when small unpredictable children are involved. It meant one of them could distract the children with shiny objects whilst the other took the photos. 

The set was so pretty with lots of props like vintage cars, sweet jars and lights etc, I did worry that Hayden can be a bit like a bull in a china shop he would break something, but thankfully he didn’t.



We received the photos very promptly too, and it was really simple to log in to online portal and download the digital prints.

Despite the fact that Austin doesn’t crack a smile in the photos, I still love them. What I love about Sweet Home photography is their unique style made up from a combination of stunning lighting and classic set styling, its something a bit different to other christmas photoshoots you see.

The Photos are timeless and  would make great family Christmas cards to send out to people. I think they will  look stunning on my living room wall, a memory of our first Christmas as a family of four, that I will cherish forever.


sweet home Photography


Overall I really enjoyed our photo shoot experience with Sweet Home Photography and will definitely be booking for next year.

I think that this type of indoor shoot is slightly less suited to Hayden’s character and at this age, as likes to be outside, and doesn’t sit still but I’m hoping both boys will be a bit more compliant next year plus I will make sure Austin has definitely has a sleep beforehand!


If like me, you like to capture some family memories with some stunning photography at very reasonable prices then take a look at Sweet Home Photography on http://www.sweethomephotography.co.uk/


They do offer other sessions too, 2 hours either studio or location with prep guide and pre-shoot consultation included (more details on their website link above)

You can also find them on;

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sweethomephotography.bristol/ 

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sweethomephotography/

All about getting a festive christmas family photoshoot done.


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