How did the past week go?

I was away all bank holiday weekend with family, which was lovely but not surprisingly I did not stick to slimming world plan! indulging in wine, cheese and cake! ? Oops! I had good intentions to try hard to stick to plan for the remainder of the week before weigh in on Friday. How ever, this didn’t work out either. I have really struggling with finding time to prep main meals whilst looking after both boys.

The weigh in

I gained 1/2lb this week! Not terrible considering but still not great. In a lot of ways I’m pleased I gained this week as I think I needed a bit of a wake up call and a shove in the right direction. I don’t want to waste money on going to slimming world if I’m not going to try hard and lose weight.

My plan for the coming week

We’ve got no real plans this coming week, so nothing to prevent me from sticking to plan, in theory?!

I have brought some of the Iceland slimming world frozen meals to try. Never tried them before but lots of people in group recommend them. I’m hoping that by having slimming wired friendly meals in the freezer, it will prevent me from cheating and getting takeaway or pizza when I’ve had a difficult day with the boys and havent had time to cook.

I have also started wearing my Fitbit again. I haven’t used it since I fell pregnant with Austin. Previously though I used it all the time, and found that it did spur me on to go out for more walks in order reach my target 10,000 steps a day. I feel this definitely was fundamental in my previous weight loss, so hopefully will gave the same impact this time.

One of my other potential pitfalls is my sweet tooth! I find the hifi bars help to curb some of this, but not completely. This week I found Beanies flavoured coffee on offer in Aldi so thought I’d give that a try to. I got the caramel and hazelnut flavours so hopefully these will help with my sweet cravings too!

Beanies flavoured coffee

Weight loss goal for this week

I am going to aim for a loss of 1lb this week, as not want to be too ambitious, obviously more would be great but I’d be happy with 1lb.

See you next week!!

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  1. Caroline Gumn May 8, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Keep going but remember your life is quite different now to last time. The Iceland ready meals look good – will give them a go myself. X x


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