Saying Goodbye to Our First home

I wrote this a few weeks ago just before we moved house about saying goodbye to our first home.


I have just put Hayden to bed for the last time in his room, after he and Austin had their last bath time in this house. Tomorrow they are being shipped off to the grandparents for a couple of days whilst the removal company pack and move us to our new home.


It is suddenly now hit me that we are actually moving house. But for me it’s more than that we are leaving our first family home.

The first home Mike and I ever owned. It’s so strange to think they won’t ever sleep here again, and after tomorrow night neither will I.


I have never felt particularly attached to homes or houses before in my life, as a young child my dad was in the Army so we moved a few times, following on from this with my mum and stepfather we moved quite regularly too. Then came University moving every year and this continued when I qualified as a Doctor, due to changing rotations/hospitals.


When we found out we were expecting our first child, Hayden due in December 2015. We decided that it was probably the right time to get our foot on the housing ladder, we fell in love with this property on the first day and only day it turns out, of house hunting. I remember that day like it was yesterday, the excitement I felt of expecting our first child and finding our dream first home.


After the usual long and drawn out process of conveyancers, mortgage brokers etc we finally completed and received the keys to our first house on September 14th 2015. We just about managed to unpack everything, decorate Hayden’s nursery and get settled by the time Hayden arrived on 17th December 2015 and then our first christmas together a week later! 


I love this house, from the moment we first walked in, the Victorian features with its High ceilings, big windows, stripped floorboards, lively fireplaces. I love the way we have decorated it. After listening to this, you may be thinking gosh why are you moving then?


Well it’s simple really, as lovely and pretty as the house is, we need more downstairs space, a driveway, quieter road, bigger garden etc


It makes me sad that Hayden and Austin will never remember this house, even though this was their first home, the place they both rolled for the first time, Hayden took his first steps here. We have so many memories here, even though we’ve only been here just over 2 years we have crammed so much into that time, hosted Christmas, Easter egg hunt, Halloween,  2 children.

When I think of this house I will remember Hayden running around laughing his head off downstairs, standing up on the sofa in the bay window looking at the cars and buses outside, the many night time feeds and lots and lots of laughter!

I will miss this house but I know that we are moving for the right reasons, and doing it for the boys, and I’m looking forward to making lots of new memories in our new house.

So Goodbye No 61 its been great!

Here’s to our next Family Gummie Bear adventure!!!


Leaving your first family home and moving house with kids.


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