Last year on mother’s day I wrote about my Grandma, after losing her suddenly a few years ago. But this year I wanted to write about my mum.


My Mum is a pretty incredible person. Although, obviously I am a bit biased!


There are 4 of us “children” who although we are all grown up we call on my mum to rant, reassure, advice or just for a chat pretty often. No Matter what’s going on with her, or how busy she is, she is always without exception there for us.


I remember whilst at school and college my mum spending hours discussing coursework, and helping me revise. So much so that I am pretty sure she could have sat my A level psychology exam herself and done pretty well!


When I decided to leave medical school when I initially went to Durham at 18 and really didn’t like it, she was shocked but (along with my step-dad) supported my decision wholeheartedly. Even though I’m sure she was worried that I was throwing away my future and that I’d regret it.


When I decided somewhat on the spare of the moment that I wanted to start a Mama Merch T-shirt business whilst on maternity leave and still recovering from postnatal depression, she supported me. But it’s more than just supporting me.


She is my inspiration.


Now if you don’t know my family then you wont know that it’s quite a well known fact that my mum and step-dad, are or can be pretty impulsive decision makers at times. I can recall at least 2 times in my life where they popped out into town or for a drive, and returned having found a new house they liked, placed an offer and rung the estate agents to put our house on the market!

It fair to say that some of these risks have worked out for them and some have not.


One of these rather impulsive decisions was when she decided to retrain as an energy assessor for property, and after the company she was initially employed with went bust very early on. Instead of jacking it in or changing tack, she decided to start her own Energy Assessing business.


She was relatively new to energy assessing, had no business experience, having previously worked as Police officer. But she didn’t let that stand in her way. She proceeded over the next few years to build up a successful business and even ended up employing my Step-Dad too to help with the workload. She built this business from the ground up, with no help, and I am incredibly proud of her for what she has achieved.


She inspired me, to be brave, to take a risk, and to leap with both feet.


She has always instilled in me a belief that I could do anything I wanted to and set my mind too. It is this entrenched belief that led me to go into Medicine in the first place, and to pursue a different pathway to Medicine, and now to start my own business.

Now this is isn’t to say she is my only cheerleader, far from it, I am incredibly lucky to have the encouragement and support of so many family and friends, even friends that I haven’t seen for several years, and especially my in-laws. But She is my biggest cheerleader (especially having purchased 4 different Mama Be Kind Tshirts so far!), and I can honestly say that without her I don’t think I would have achieved anywhere near what I have done in my life.


Over this past year too, she realised probably before I did that something wasn’t right and that I was depressed, she encouraged/pushed me to go to the doctors about it and seek help. She drove up from Hampshire on many occasions to give me a break from the boys, help clean my house or allow me to go to Business events. All of these things really helped me start to feel better in myself.


Like most children, I probably don’t tell my mum enough how much appreciate her and everything she does for me. But, I do, I really do mum. So this post is about saying Thank you to you, and letting the world know how amazing I think you are!! 


Happy Mothers Day Mama!!

P.S. Hayden and Austin think your pretty awesome too!


An open letter to my mum on mothers day, talking about what an inspiration and huge support she is to me.

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