My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

In less than a week I am going to be another year older. I’ve only just got used to the idea that im 31, or rather remembering that im 31 instead of 30, and now it will be 32!

After being either heavily pregnant or breastfeeding a newborn for my last couple of birthdays, I did have high hopes to have some sort of party/big night out/general drunkenness. HOWEVER, my ‘darling’ husband is away the whole weekend on a stag do! (though to be fair it is a mutual friend, and he did check with me beforehand) so that kind of put paid to that idea.

But theres always next year….

Anyway instead of party planning, I have been indulging in some online ‘window’ retail therapy.

Last year I did a similar list, when I had only just started the blog and the majority of items on the list were from the high street.  However one of my goals for 2018, was to try and shop small a bit more, and support small businesses. Now with so many more people and businesses on instagram its easier than ever to find some amazing products.

Heres just a few of the things I love that I have found recently and are on my birthday wishlist.


Oak and Whistle

London-based mama + papa designing contemporary jewellery + homeware. I really like a lot of their earrings they make, especially the triangle ones and these stunning black hearts ones.    £8.00

Lucy and Yak

I only just discovered this brand the other day but really love the look of their dungerees. Ive always loved the idea of wearing dungerees but I often find the high street ones either don’t fit quite right on me or aren’t actually that comfy. But these look super comfy and come highly rated! They have these in lots of different colours, think I probably go for black or blue.    £40.00

Konoc Bags

This is another husband and wife team with their British Leather accessory label. I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Sally last year during a #WEMEANBUSINESS event at the FMLY Store. Their products are really lovely, if I had a little girl I would have definately snapped up one of their super gorgeous childrens bags. As well as these they do personalised Leather keyrings, this is something I could really do with, currently have no keyring and spend forver digging around in my bag trying to find my keys. As a Brucey bonus these are currently on sale too!   £14-16 in sale


SWALK fashion

Is an online fashion boutique started by fellow mum boss Ting. They have lots of really nice things to buy, and a lot is currently on sale now too. One of my favourites are these navy and floral animal print casual bottoms! I’m really into leopard print at the moment, and I’m a sucker for something that looks so comfortable (hence why I always buy PJs!)   £9 sale


Norahs Brownies

Now in my mind a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without cake right?

But I am back on slimming world and trying to be good, though cake is one of my biggest weaknesses I must admit (accompanied with tea/coffee of course!). So I figured that these amazing brownies would be ok, as they are free from gluten, dairy & refined sugar! I have been eyeing these up for ages, as they keep popping up on my instagram feed and look so yummy, I can’t believe they don’t have any refined sugar to look at them!

So many yummy flavours to choose from though, from peanut butter &raspberry, to toffee cinnamon crunch to glitter cherry bomb and many more. These would certainly be a well received Birthday treat!!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this years birthday wishlist, and have checked out some of the small businesses behind them.

What would be on your Birthday wishlist this year?


My Birthday wishlist for some amazing products from small businesses including Norahs Brownies, konac.


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