Mother’s Day is almost upon us again, and as ever I know Mike has only just realised its next week because  I mentioned I was writing this post! So you never know this post could provide him and you with some potential options! Here are my picks for Mothers day gift ideas this year. 

And I’m sticking to my new year goal of supporting small businesses by shopping small this year, so all this years gift ideas come from small businesses. 

Something sparkly from The Lion sparkles

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? I love this little brand I’ve recently discovered. They sell vibrant accessories for women and children. In particular I really like this cute colouring changing sequin bag and the “courage” and “Roar” necklaces they do!

Biscuits from Lady Bakewell-Park 

The amazing Becky, produces these super cute and delicious personalised marbled biscuits, often capturing famous song lyrics or inspirational quotes and delivered to your door! She has some special ones just for mothers day, but they almost look too good to eat! But you can’t beat a good cuppa and a biccie can you?


Some interstellar relaxation from Space masks

These ingenious little masks are sweeping the nation at the moment, I have to admit I haven’t tried them yet but really want to (hint hint Mike!). They are a bit of a cross between an eye mask, a face pack and those hand warming things. They are self warming and have a delicate jasmine scent designed to calm you, de stress and send you off into a relaxing sleep. So pretty much what all us mums need right?

Chocolate from Creightons chocolaterie

Previously I probably would’ve put a large well known chocolate brand like hotel chocolat on my mothers day list but I recently came across this small business chocolaterie on instagram. I was originally attracted to them from their pretty packaging l, but they have so many exciting flavours. I do love a good salted caramel chocolate but would be keen to try the breakfast selection, which includes; coffee and crunch, cereal, maple and bacon! 


Matching leggings from Leshy Lamb

If you follow me on social media then you’ll probably know that I’m a big fan matching outfits but normally the boys, until now! I am loving these matching mummy and child leggings from the fab Leshy lamb, I can already see Hayden, Austin and Me in these bad boys! Now just need to decide on which colour?…. Decisions, decisions

Goodies delivered to your door from The mummy club 

This is a subscription service that delivers a monthly box for us mummies and mums to be filled with hand picked treats. You can also purchase a one-off gift box for someone. The idea behind it is to remind you no matter how alone you may feel sometimes, you are not and to make you smile. Love the idea of receiving some surprises in the post each month! £1 from every box sold is donated to the PANDAS foundation in support of postnatal depression too. 

Plus if you purchase this months March Gift box it contains not only fab goodies including the hilarious Scummy Mummies book, a bath bomb, chocolate heart flapjack, calm candle and a cheeky 25% off voucher for yours truly, Mama Be Kind.

Bath caddy by Pallet Earth on Etsy 

 I love having a relaxing soak in the bath, with a glass of wine, candles and a good book, I mean who doesn’t? Though I have to say on the rare occasion I do get time to have a bath, it never quite lives up to my dream; I can never seem to find the candles, the bath is full of children’s plastic toys, I have nowhere to put my wine so I can read my book. Not quite what I always envision when I go for a soak. I have wanted one of these Bath Caddys for years but never actually gotten round to buying one for myself. I found this fab looking one on Etsy by Pallet Earth, a company which uses reclaimed wood. This looks great, space for my ipad/book, tea light holders and perhaps most importantly a wine holder! 


Heartfelt Homewares by The Little Craft Room 

My very talented cousin in law Dawn has just started her own little craft business, called the Little craft room with lots of really lovely things for Mother’s Day, I know my mum and mother in law would love this grandma photo frame ornament. My personal favourite is this buttons frame and quote. 

Jewellery from Foxy and Moonlight

Foxy and Moonlight is a new brand that has come together from 2 already amazing and similar keepsake jewellery businesses, Rejewelled and Milk Diamonds. I met the lovely Tanya and Tracy a few months ago at The FMLY Store in Bruton as part of their We Mean Business events.  They make all sorts of lovely things and can include lots of different elements preserved in the jewellery as you require including breast milk, ashes, sand, flowers and more.  Personally I love these glittery cloud necklaces that they’ve done, they just make me smile!!

Slogan Tee from Mama Be Kind

Lastly, a bit of a blantent plug I know,  but I felt I couldn’t not mention my Mama Be Kind Tees as a great potential gift for mums and mums to be this mothers day. All Tees are made using 100% Organic cotton, fair trade and fair wear certified and 10% of profits goes to charities supporting postnatal mental illness. (Now also available in other colours!)


Anyway, that is my gift guide for Mothers day 2018, hopefully, that has given you a few ideas of things for your mums or as Hints to drop to your own children/husbands!

Either way, Hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day Next week and get spoilt rotten!

We deserve it! 


Shop small business gift guide for mothers day. A guide featuring thoughtful and unique gifts for mums

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