Me and mine project

Me and mine is another photo project that I have been keen to start being a part of. It’s about capturing  taking a family photo every month. This probably seems really silly and like something you would do naturally anyway, but as one of you if often behind the camera it can be difficult to take photos with the whole family in.

Before I started the project, I looked back on photos from last year since Hayden was born and found all the ones of us together. The galley of these can be seen below. It’s so lovely to look back and see all these happy family memories from the last year. I’m really looking forward to seeing this years photos as a family of four!

This months photos are from Easter Sunday and our family weekend in Frome. Lovely to get these pictures, but very difficult to get a photo with the four of us looking at the camera! And seemingly even harder to get one without Austin frowning! Lol ? 

Mummy loving

  • Newborn baby cuddles with Austin
  • Sunny spring weather
  • Spending lots of time together as a family
  • Seeing my mum lots
  • Fitting back into my pre pregnancy jeans
  • Santa clarita diet on Netflix

Hayden loving

  • Thomas mega blocks table
  • His new tent
  • Playing in garden
  • Madeline cakes
  • Playing catch with ball
  • Seeing lots of grandparents

Austin loving

  • milk, milk and more milk!!

Daddy loving

  • Paternity leave 2 days a week so 4 day family weekend
  • Watching second series irobot on amazon video
  • Cycling to work in sunnier warmer weather
  • Trains, trains and more trains


Looking forward to getting next months photos, although we have no family events planned so might have to get a kind stranger to help with the photograph taking of the four of us when we are out and about.


The Me and Mine Project

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  1. Jenny May 7, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Ahhh look at all these so adorable your beautiful family growing and that little baba making me broody. It’s so fun having two close together isn’t it? I have the same and it’s been such a joy as they grow up. Beautiful snaps. #meandmineproject


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