I am just starting to get back in the habit of writing and blogging again after quite a long break, so thought it would be good to do a bit of a catch-up post about our life lately.

I am now back at work again after 2 months off sick over Christmas and new year due to depression and anxiety. I have been back at work about 9 weeks now, and so far so good.

It’s always really daunting returning to work after a prolonged absence, the worry that you’ve forgotten everything, and the pressure you feel to prove yourself especially having been off unwell. I am really lucky that on the whole my employers have been supportive of my return and have listened to my suggestions for reasonable adjustments. So I know I’m really very lucky compared to the difficulty some people have with their employers. I am hoping things continue to go well, though I do have some assessments coming up which is a bit stressful.

Having said this I have recently been told that I will have to move to a new training practice in August due to my current trainer retiring. Initially I was very upset and anxious about this change, and still not particularly thrilled about it. But trying to stay positive and see it as fresh start.

In February we finally got round to decorating the boy’s bedroom. After being in this house over a year and not really doing much we wanted to start making our own stamp on it. Plus we decided that Austin was ready to move out of his cot and into a bed, so seemed apt to do it at the same time.

We have also just bought a wooden playhouse of the garden ready for summer, and look forward to the boys playing it in once its all build.

Austin turned 2 in March and suddenly seems so grown up! Both of them do to be honest. I was hit with the sudden realisation that they are not babies anymore! Although of course they will always be my babies in my eyes!

After having a speech delay, Haydens speech has now really come on leaps and bounds since christmas and like me he loves to talk! He is not quite at the level of some of his peers but is catching up. I must admit it has been quite a relief to both myself and Mike, as we were worried and he was getting really frustrated not being able to communicate easily.

Mum and daughter date night to see The Bodyguard

I went to see The Bodyguard starring Alexandra Burke last month with my mum, and we went out for dinner and cocktails beforehand too. Although my mum comes up every week to look after the boys on a monday, I rarely get to spend any real time with her myself now. So it was really lovely to have a mum and daughter date.

Had a lovely Easter weekend too, and really enjoyed watching the boys and their cousins hunt for Easter eggs in the garden, though I do suspect we may all be eating chocolate until Christmas!

After much family organising and discussion, we have booked a holiday to Menorca with my extended family (Mikes parents, brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew) for September which  will be lovely. We all went on holiday together in 2017 to Turkey when Hayden was 18 months and Austin 3 months, it was a good holiday but I found the 35-40 degree hot hard to handle especially with an exclusively breastfed 3-month-old. Looking back mentally I wasn’t in a good place either really.

In Mama be Kind news, I am still planning on doing the Motherhood and mental health podcast but it has been slow going mostly because I’ve been really busy and just got put on the back burner a bit.

I have some new designs that I have been working on and will hopefully have some mockups for you to see soon! And if you’ve missed it on social media we now have anxiety affirmation cards, with £1 from every pack going to Mind charity and both Mama Be Kind and Cosy sweatshirts, which have been popular and only a few left!

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