So you may or may have noticed that I have been a bit quieter on the blog front of late. I ummed and ahhed over whether to write about this before everything was ready but I have decided to talk about it for 3 reasons;


  1. I like my blog to reflect whats going on in my life and mind and this is what’s going on at the moment
  2. Since starting my blog and especially since talking openly about my postnatal depression and mental health, the support I have received has been phenomenal, and hopefully will continue into this new venture
  3. By putting my plans out there I’m much less likely to chicken out and not follow through!!


So what I babbling on about you ask?


I would like to start a small business online selling T-shirts aimed at mamas and women in general. I’m not entirely sure how the idea came to me but I think it’s all come about on the back of my mental health problems and thinking about how much of a hard time we as women, but particularly as mums, give ourselves.


My aim is to empower mamas and women and make it known that we all struggle at one time or another and that that’s ok.


My plans are still only in the very initial stages but I am feeling so energised and passionate about this project and hopefully things will progress.


One of the things that’s been so pleasing for me is to know that I can feel excited about things again, I can see ahead and do something outside of being a mum. Don’t get me wrong I’m also completely bricking it! And it’s probably pretty crazy thing to do when I have 2 children under 2, in the process of moving house, and I will starting back at work part time as a GP trainee in February. Now that I write it down it is mad! But it’s also very me! I have never been one to do the sensible option, and I always like to be busy busy. Plus I think I enjoy the challenge. When I was told on several occasions that I would never get into medical school it only served to make me more determined!


Anyway, I have decided to take you all along on this crazy journey with me and keep you all updated (if your interested of course). If I fail, at least I have tried and I won’t have any regrets.


If and when I’m all set up and running, if I do sell any T-shirts (fingers crossed) I plan to give 10% of profits to one of the charities helping women with postnatal depression.


So far I have my designs (eek!) and some printing quotes and I am currently in the process of deciding on a Brand name- which I may be asking your advice on soon!

I would really appreciate your support throughout this new journey and please feel free to share any thoughts you have on anything- after all you lovely mummies are my target customers!



All about where my blog is going and deciding to start a small business as a mamapreneur

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