Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas has always been one of my favourite times of year and when I was younger I always looked forward to the days when I had my own children and family to start our own family  christmas traditions.


Mike and I considered starting the relatively new Elf on the Shelf tradition this year, but we decided that we would wait another year for Hayden and Austin to be a bit older. I think probably also because we are both aware that like all good traditions, once you start you can’t stop!


One christmas tradition that we are starting this year that is new for both of us, is a christmas eve box. In recent years pre children, we had another christmas eve tradition, my parents christmas eve party which was great fun and would frequently leave Mike and/or myself feeling a bit delicate come christmas morning.

Oh how our lives have changed since then, and as fun as the party is just not massively practical with small children.


I love the idea of the christmas eve box, filled with christmas PJs, a festive book, christmas film, hot chocolate and some christmas sweet treats, all enjoyed together as a family snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa before sending the children off to bed in said new christmas PJs excited for the big day ahead.


This got me thinking about what other christmas traditions families have, so I asked some fellow bloggers what their traditions were and divided them into the festive period, christmas eve and christmas day traditions. 


Festive Period Traditions


Debbie- from Hello Deborah  says Every year we make a flask of hot chocolate, wrap up warm and go for a walk around the local area to look at all the Christmas lights.


Laura who blogs at savings 4 savvy mums   their family tradition is  Gingerbread house decorating. It’s pretty twee but the kids won’t let me drop it as a tradition now. To be honest, they just eat the sweets anyway and I’m left with a plain gingerbread house! ?


Erica from  The Incidental parent says I buy each of my sons a tree decoration and write their name and the year on it. The idea is to give them to them when they have a tree of their own.


Nyomi from  says – Our favourite tradition is ‘Christmas tree day’. My son’s birthday is 23rd December so we don’t do Christmas Eve boxes but on the 1st we put up the tree and have a festive breakfast, everyone gets a box with Xmas clothes, PJS, books, toys and treats for the festive season – and advent calendars. Then we play Christmas music and dress up in Xmas clothes to put up the tree. When the house is decorated we all cuddle up to watch the Polar Express with a hot chocolate. I’m so excited for it! I much prefer this to the Christmas Eve boxes as this way they get to use all the Christmassy stuff all December.


Kim who blogs at raising a ragamuffin says Every year each one of us chooses a new decoration for the tree from a Christmas market. As the years go by the tree fills up with memories of Christmases past


Jennie from Edspire christmas tradition is Going to see The Snowman


Georgina blogging  says We always have to buy our Christmas tree from the same garden centre on the first weekend of December. We also buy a new decoration whilst we are there. We put it up each year watching the same Christmas film (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation) and we keep a twig from it in a frame each year too!


Christmas eve


Danielle from Someones Mum    says they have Chinese takeaway on Christmas Eve. No one has to cook and is strangely so festive now ?


Christy who blogs at– says their tradition is a Christmas Eve Box with new pyjamas, Christmas bedspread on the beds, and walking the dog early on Christmas morning and saying “Merry Christmas!” to everyone we meet.


Jenni from The Bear and the Fox  says –We are a German/Scottish family, and in Germany you celebrate on Christmas Eve, so we do a kind of double Christmas celebration, and open half our presents that night and the other half on Christmas Day. We also ALWAYS eat potato salad and sausages – a German party favourite – on Christmas Eve and ALWAYS watch The Muppet Christmas Carol.


Laura from Edinburgh with Kids says – We have pancakes on Christmas Eve! We always go to a children’s service at Church in the evening so it’s a quick supper for when we come in. Can make the batter in advance so it’s all ready to go. We have a savoury filling and the kids are guaranteed to eat it so it makes for an enjoyable meal too!



Nadia who blogs at Scandi Mummy– said In Denmark, were I’m from, we dance around the Christmas tree holding hand and sing carols on Christmas Eve. Trying to make it a thing here! 


Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum says-  Me and my husband have a secret Christmas without the kids. We have a couple of drinks and a nice junkfood tea then stay up until midnight to exchange gifts. That way we still get to celebrate in our own right and the kids get full attention the next day!


Ayse from blog   says- We get new pjs on Christmas Eve and wrap the door to the sitting room Christmas morning!



Christmas day


Pete from household money saving blog says We always save one present each to open in the evening on Christmas day. That way, the kids have something to look forward to all day.



Beth from says- My sister always takes the dog for a walk after Christmas dinner. I opt for a nap instead ?


Carol says – We go to a country park after lunch on Christmas Day. The children need some fresh air by then as the morning is so exciting and it means for a few short hours I can pretend there isn’t still washing up to do.


Veronica from My parenting journey says- We have family (clan) reunion. We have a big family so we make it a point to meet up once a year to bond and introduce new members to each other. Although coordinating the schedules is the worst, we still manage to do it every year. We usually schedule any day of the week after Christmas. 


So many great and lovely ideas here that I’ve never heard of before. I particularly like the idea of the new Christmas bauble each year, going for a walk to look at the local Christmas lights and the secret ‘christmas’ for hubby and me! Plus I’m such a big kid at heart I love the idea of wrapping the living room door for Christmas morning too!


What are your Family Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear about them…

An amazing list of lots of different christmas traditions that people have.


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