9 of the Best Straw Bags this summer


When I was younger and pre-children I used to have lots of bags, in all shapes and sizes. But then babies come along and inevitably stop having your own bag at all, gone are the lovely fashionable bags relegated to the back of the cupboard gathering dust. Instead, you just make do with shoving your purse and keys in a random pocket of the baby changing bag. After all, this makes much more sense and is more practical than carrying around 2 bags, plus the pram and the actual children!


Having said all that now that both Hayden and Austin are that little bit older, and seem for the most part to require slightly less than the 2 tonnes of stuff required by babies, it means that I have actually started using a bag of my own and having a dedicated handbag again!


So I have now been on the lookout for a new handbag, and I really like the straw bags that seem to be everywhere this year and would ideally like to stick to my new year’s goals of buying independent and shopping small, though this isn’t always possible, unfortunately.

My List of 9 of the best straw bags


  1. Hello Sunshine Shopping Basket Straw Bag from Marmaduke at Not on the High Street £65 

Straw bag for summer


This one is one of my favourites for a few reasons, I love the colour of the writing and the decoration, I love the tote Shopper size means it would be perfect for the beach or a day out with the kids so I can carry for the children paraphernalia that is a must. The handles also look quite sturdy so that hopefully they would last a few years, there is nothing worse than when the handle on your bag breaks, leaving you scrambling on the ground picking up all your belongings. The thing that gives me pause though is the price of this, unfortunately. I am sure that £65 for a handmade straw bag is a fair price, it’s more than I would struggle to justify spending that amount on a straw bag!



2. Personalised Straw bag from Shade or Sine from Etsy £35



Straw bag for summer


How cute is this little bag too, I do love the Wifey detail but you can buy personalised to what you want, e.g. your name. Its little details like this that make shopping with small businesses unique and you get something one of a kind! plus loving the pom pom edging too. Pom- poms seem to be everywhere at the moment and I’m loving that!!


3. Monochrome Straw Bag from Gold Lunar at Silkfred- £50 


straw bag for summer


I think this one is probably my favourite, and although its a very classic, Chanel type look with its monochrome style, I haven’t actually seen anything the same or even similar for sale, its nice to have something a little bit different isn’t it?

Also being monochrome means that it wouldn’t clash with anything and would look fabulous with any colour outfit!




4. Pink Tassel Straw Bag from Rianna Phillips at Silkfred – £42


straw bag for summer


This is the same kind of shape to the other one above from Silk Fred though they are both from different brands. I do really like this smaller rounded shape, although can’t fit as much stuff it in its probably more practical for day to day use as a bag.  Along with a current trend for pom- poms,  tassels are also very popular and this bag satisfies that need down to a tee!




5. Amalfi spot straw bag from Joules – £29.95 reduced from £49.95 



straw bag for summer


Ahh where to start with Joules, now I have broken my shop small rule here a bit, as I don’t think Joules could be considered a small brand! but I do have quite a Joules soft spot (just look in my wardrobe!) and this bag is fab. Big bag to throw everything in ✅ ,  spotty classic design ✅,  tassel detail ✅,  majorly reduced as in sale- ✅, check check! You can’t go wrong really can you?


6. Toucan Straw bag from Chateau at ASOS- £26 reduced from £40.00 



straw bag for summer


This Toucan embroidered straw bag from ASOS is cute too, I like the fact that the handles are that bit longer so you can comfortably wear it on your shoulder. Currently in the sale for a reasonable £26 too!


7. Pom-Pom Straw Bag from Parklane at ASOS-£32 reduced from £68


straw bag for summer



Now I know that this one is maybe a bit more out there! and I know my husband Mike would possibly think I had joined the circus if I was carrying this bag. But I do have a soft spot for pom-poms and bright colours, so go big or go home right?

Although on second thoughts, I would have to be careful where I left this in the house as the boys would take less than 5 minutes to forcefully pull those pom-poms off I reckon!


8. Flamingo Straw Bag from Primark- £10 

straw bag for summer



Who doesn’t love flamingos? But Flamingos plus pom-poms plus a bargain price of £10, this bag is a no-brainer surely? Although being that it is from Primark and it’s only £10, I’m sure how many summers this one would actually last?



9. Woven Straw Bag from New Look- £29.99 


straw bags for summer



This bag is the same stylish and petite style of the Silkfred ones, and although not embellished with pom-poms, tassels or embroidery it is really lovely and feels super summery and classic. Plus I am quite a big fan of New Look, but heard this week that they might be in trouble and closing lots of stores so thought I would include this one!


So now that I have managed to narrow my straw bag wishlist down to the reasonable number of 9, how can I persuade my husband that I need all 9?? (any suggestions very welcome!! )

What do you think? which bag is your favourite? or perhaps you have seen another straw bag you like not on this list? 




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