The summer is here! Which along with trips to the beach, long summer nights trying to get the children to sleep and an almost constant feeling of being sweaty (well for me anyway!) means its

Wedding Season!!


Pretty much since leaving University, we have had 1-3 weddings to attend each year, we are lucky to have lots of family and friends between Mike and me that have invited us.



But this year!

Well, this year we have 7, yes I repeat 7 weddings!


One in Italy, one in Dublin, some with the children and some without. In so many ways this is super exciting as the people getting married include my brother, and several of both Mine and Mikes best Uni Friends. Life as hectic as it is as well, often these special occasions are one of the few guaranteed times that as a friendship group we are all together!


What with 7 weddings to attend this year  I really need some wedding guest dresses inspiration.


Those of you that know me are probably thinking she’s got loads of dresses in her wardrobe. But sadly put on weight since stopped breastfeeding and not all fit, plus its always nice to get a new dress for a wedding.


Its so easy for Men isn’t it, what considering what to wear to a wedding, it basically is just a choice of which suit to wear; blue, black or grey and what colour tie to wear- not exactly time-consuming or challenging! No one cares if men wear the same outfit for several weddings in the same summer but women do. Perhaps we shouldn’t care, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say we do care!


Besides which, since having children it is a very very rare occasion when I get to spend more than 10 minutes getting ready, wear heels and look nice without the seemingly obligatory baby dribble and toddler snot stains!


Recently went shopping for dresses with my mum and my sister, and didn’t really find much very strange.  I Did find one dress that I loved from Ted Baker, which I am planning on wearing to the wedding this weekend in Cornwall. 


I have been a having a look online instead for some wedding guest dresses, and I have found some lovely ones (plus a few are in the sale as an added bonus).


Take a look ?


7 Fabulous Wedding guest dresses available online


1. Pale Pink Maxi Dress, Ted Baker- £99 in the sale (reduced from £229)


I love the arms on this dress, this style seems very popular at the moment and the split in the side gives it that added sexy feel whilst still being elegant I think.


Ted Baker pale pink maxi dress- wedding guest outfit inspiration.






2. ASOS, True Violet, Red Bardot dipped hem Skater dress- £65


I love the bright colour and retro look of this dress, definitely my normal style for formal occasions. £65 I think is a reasonable price too.





3. Coast. Floral Print Dress- £129


Oh, Coast I do love you! most of my nice dresses that are pre-children and gathering dust in my wardrobe are from Coast.

I can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them, as most of them have only been worn once or twice,  so hoping that I will get back into them in the not too distant future! (wishful thinking I KNOW! ?)

I really like the print of this dress and the asymmetric hem but I have to say less keen on the high neckline, as I often find this style of dress very snug for the old babylons!





4. Coast at Debenhams, Green pleated, cold shoulder dress £119

Yes , another Coast dress!

This one I absolutely love. I love everything about it! The bright green colour, the pleats, the cold shoulder detail!

Plus I can honestly say I don’t have anything similar to this AT ALL in my wardrobe already! (Which if you know me, is quite impressive!)




5. Silkfred, White & floral skater dress- £39!!

If you haven’t heard of Silkfred before, you are missing out. It’s an online marketplace for independent fashion brands, so if you are looking to find an outfit more unique but still at reasonable prices this is the place to go!!

This dress is lovely, and definitely says summer wedding to me! plus at only £39 you really can’t go wrong, can you!




6. Coast at John Lewis, black and white stripe & Ruffle Dress- £ SOLD OUT 

And Another Coast dress, but I didn’t feel like I could not put this one in my top 7 despite it being sold out ?.

This dress is very Chanel and chic with its monochrome stripes and ruffle detail. I think it would be quite a show stopper at a wedding without upstaging the bride of course!

7. Karen Millen at John Lewis Floral Abstract Pencil Dress- £45 in the sale, was £150


Last but not least is this brightly coloured floral abstract dress from Karen Millen.

I hardly ever think to look in Karen Millen for dresses, but I don’t know why. Though I do often find their sizing can come up a bit small, which is always a bit depressing isn’t it?

When you fit a size 14 everywhere else, and then you try something on and can’t do it up at all! If this happens I ultimately tend to leave it, instead of trying on or buying the next size up which I know is very silly and vain of me. Because wearing a bigger size from a certain shop doesn’t change your ACTUAL size does it?

Anyway, I digress,

I love the bright yellow and blue colours in this, yellow seems to be everywhere at the moment, giving such a fresh and colourful look!

and again this beauty is currently in the sale at bargain price of £45, but sadly sold out in my size.





So that’s it, that’s 7 of the current fabulous wedding guest dresses available to buy online for inspiration.

But there are of course new dresses coming out all the time, so If you see something you think I would like please send me a link or message!

What are your favourite styles of wedding guest dresses to wear?

Thanks for reading


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