Tractor Ted Diggers & Dumpers

Since our first visit to Bowood house and introduction to Tractor Ted back in May, we have been looking forward to going back again. A couple of weeks ago we got invited to attend the Diggers & Dumpers Tractor Ted weekend at Bowood house. This time we went along with Mikes parents, sister-in-law and Hayden’s cousin Oscar who is just 2 months younger. The day was just as good as before, and in some ways better.

Diggers & Dumpers

The first thing we did after we arrived was check out all the diggers & dumpers on display in the main demonstration area. There were more diggers & dumpers to look at and go in than at the big machines weekend, Hayden didn’t know where to start first! Including diggers with long buckets, Bulldozer and front loader all from MJ Church.


After looking at the different diggers & dumpers, the demonstrations started. Both toddler boys and us adults alike were captivated watching Digger Tim in his JCB stacking giant logs and then balancing the JCB on its side and on its digger buckets (I know that’s probably not the correct term!)

Tractor Ride

Last time we ran out of time to go for a tractor ride so this time we headed to this next. In spite of the tractor rides being really popular, no waiting was needed as there were at least 2 tractors and trailers doing a rides which avoided any potential toddler meltdowns! This was Austins first tractor ride and he seemed to enjoy it! Both toddlers, definitely did and were stood up looking at the passing grounds of Bowood house. Unlike other tractor rides it was a good 10 minute journey getting to see the grounds of Bowood house so well worth the extra £2!



After the excitement of the tractor ride, we decided it was time for lunch.

Although it was August, the weather again wasn’t brilliant and did rain intermittently but we were prepared and both Hayden and Oscar couldn’t have cared less about the rain. The rain also kindly held off until after we had enjoyed our picnic too, which is also good! Like before we sat in the large green space near the adventure playground and behind where all the diggers etc were. There are a few scattered picnic tables but it seems to be the preferred picnic spot for families so we sat on the grass instead admiring the view and watching the boys run around and play.


Tractor Ted Little Farm

After Lunch, we headed to the little tractor ted farm. Oscar was interested in looking at the animals including the rabbits but Hayden was more interested in the pictures of tractors and diggers in the colouring corner! Mike and I were surprised and amazed in equal measure that Hayden could differentiate between these machines below! can you name these machines? I certainly can’t!


Back outside the boys enjoyed playing on the toy tractors, but as you can see Hayden was a bit confused as to why this particular tractor wasn’t moving!


By now it was mid afternoon, which can only mean one thing… time for tea and cake! We headed to the restaurant in Bowood house itself again as it was a bit quieter than the tree tops cafe. This time I opted for the very decadent rocky road cake, delicious but a bit sickly!


Tractor Ted Gift tent and more Diggers!

Finally Nannie Gumn popped off into the tractor ted gift shop partly to avoid the rain whilst Hayden and Oscar happily looking at and climbing on the diggers, they both had great fun walking up a ramp onto a truck and along and the repeating the process. While I personally found according to my husband my spirit vehicle, the Bulldozer!, and enjoyed sitting in the cabin and playing with the controls, just a shame there was no chance to drive it!




Nannies and Grandad Gumn treated Hayden to a Tractor Ted PJ Onesie which he has refused to take off on several days!!

We had another really fab family day with Tractor Ted at Bowood House, and looking forward to future Tractor Ted events already! If your interested in attending a Tractor Ted event or any Tractor Ted products you can have a look at their website here.


I will leave you with this picture of Hayden Rocking his Tractor Ted Onsie and daddies sunglasses in our garden!


Family day out for Tractor Ted Diggers and Dumpers special event. Great family day, lots to do. Little boys love tractors and big machines!



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