Last weekend we were lucky to be invited to the Breakfast/Tea with the Easter Bunny, for Easter Fun at Wyevale Garden centre, Cadbury. 


This is not something I had been to before, or even known about to be honest. Last Easter we attempted a basic easter egg hunt around our living room, but don’t think Hayden really had a clue what was going on. So I was a bit sceptical about how successful the event would be.


I opted for the breakfast with the Easter Bunny session rather than the Tea, as as most people with toddlers know, attempting to do pretty much anything with babies/toddlers between the hours of 4-7pm is generally just asking for trouble! Plus I am big fan of breakfast/brunch and it’s not something Mike and I have done much since the boys came along.



Unfortunately the day did not get off to the best start, after the usual rushing around frantically trying to get everyone including myself up and dressed and out the door on time, Hayden then proceeded to have throw up everywhere in the car, when we were about 10 minutes away from the Garden centre! I mean everywhere, all his clothes, the car seat, in his hair!


To make matters worse, I then found that somehow I had managed to remember a spare vest and trousers but no top or jumper!

Epic mummy fail!

Anyway after cleaning everything up as best we could with a mountain of wet wipes and putting the clean vest and trousers on, we got back on the road!

I have no idea why he was sick to be honest, he wasn’t unwell and was fine afterwards, so I am blaming Mike’s country road driving! It’s certainly not the smoothest! (I can write this as I know he never reads the blog! Ha ha)



On arrival at the Garden Centre, I left Mike to wrangle both the boys into the pram, whilst I ran ahead to let the restaurant know that we were here and apologising for our slight lateness. I hate being late, it really stresses me out but thankfully all the staff were really friendly, very understanding and said it wasn’t a problem. They then directed me to where I could buy some clothes in the garden centre for Hayden.


So pleased that Garden centres these days are so multipurpose and not just garden stuff! Cadbury Wyevale is massive, has a farm shop, shopping village within, restaurant, soft play and obviously all the garden stuff too! Mike who had been in a bit of man sulk about going to the event, was almost instantly transformed into smiley, happy daddy at the prospect of him getting to shop for new plants afterwards!

As it was only 9am the restaurant was pretty quiet, and we were shown to a private section with a few other tables and families by a friendly Alice in Wonderland host. The tables had Easter goodie bags with 5 small easter eggs in, a headband toy and their personalised name sticker along with easter themed colouring placements to keep the children entertained and balloons.


Mike and I were provided with large caffeinated beverages of our choice almost before we had sat down, which is a massive thumbs up for me! We had pre-ordered the full english cooked breakfast and the childrens version for the boys, and all the food came out really quickly which was good as Mike and I were starving!

The breakfast was really tasty and good portion sizes, for both adults and children. The only criticism I can really make  and it’s pretty minor is that they served the children’s beans in a small china cup, rather than just on the plate. Which meant that all the children either attempted to drink the beans or just tipped the whole cup everywhere!

After breakfast it was time for the Easter Egg hunt around the garden centre, led by the Alice in Wonderland host. We were able to leave all our stuff/pram etc by the tables so we didn’t have to lug this afternoon the garden centre which was good.


The children had to hunt for a special easter yellow posters, each containing a relevant fact and then they would get a sticker and another small easter egg from Alice! I did worry slightly whether Hayden would get on with this, and had visions of him just running riot throughout the garden centre! But to my happy surprise he seemed to get the jist of the easter egg hunt, and was really good at following the leads of the older children that were there. By the end of the easter egg hunt he had acquired another 5 small easter eggs to add to his 5 in the goodie bag!

All the children as part of the group seemed to really enjoy the easter egg hunt, and I thought it was really nice that it wasn’t just about the chocolate but finding out facts and rewarding with stickers too was good.


Austin is a still bit young to get involved in the easter egg hunt, mainly because he’s not walking yet. But Mike was happy to carry him round with us, and he seemed content enough to watch the easter egg hunt!


On our return to the restaurant, who should be there but The EASTER BUNNY! A few of the children really didn’t know what to make of the Easter bunny. Hayden initially looked a bit scared and freaked out but then intrigue took over and he started poking him and giving him high fives!

After meeting and photos with the Easter Bunny it was time for Easter biscuit decorating. Unfortunately Hayden wasn’t that interested in decorating his, more eating all the decorations! I however, thoroughly enjoyed decorating Austin’s Easter Biscuit for him!



After this the children were able to play in the soft play area next door, whilst we were treated to another coffee. This was unexpected and great as Hayden got to burn off a bit more energy and Austin really enjoyed playing the ball pit!



Just as we thought that was it, the staff came in with a big basket of soft toys for the children to choose one to take home as a gift; there was a choice of a lamb, a pig or a cow. Hayden opted for the pig. Austin couldn’t seem to make up his mind between a cow and a lamb, but after slobbering all over the cow he picked up I decided we better take that one!


We were able to stay in the soft play as long as we wanted (or as long as we could stand!). The whole event had a really lovely relaxed and fun atmosphere to it which I really appreciated in my recent anxious state!

After the soft play, we had a browse around the rest of the garden centre, where I was eyeing up the hot tubs whilst Mike got himself and mini watering can and a new plant and was ridiculously happy about his buys! Needless to say, its all lost on me, I am not green fingered in the slightest!


As well as a lovely morning or evening family event for Easter, it was really good value for money. Which to be honest is really refreshing! The cost is £10.95 per child and £8.50 per adult. For this, you get full English breakfast and hot drinks, goodie bag, easter egg hunt, meeting the Easter bunny, easter biscuit decorating, access to soft play, a soft toy.


Overall I would really recommend Breakfast/Tea with the Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centres. They are running all over the country at any Wyevale Garden Centres with a restaurant between 19th March-15th April! You can book online today if you’re interested in going. 


I have already decided that we will be going again next year, and then Austin will be walking hopefully and can join with the easter egg hunt too!


Easter fun at Wyevale Garden Centre. Have breakfast with Easter bunny, followed by an easter egg hunt and other goodies. Fab family morning out.

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